Can A Masturbation Changed Body Be Returned To It’s Original Condition?

The most frequently asked question submitted to the Happeh Theory website is, “Can I make my body go back to it’s original condition?”. 

The answer to that question is a qualified “yes”.

The next most frequently asked question is “How long will it take to make my body go back to it’s original condition?”.

The answer to that question is “close to the same amount of time the individual has been masturbating”.

The third most frequently asked question is “How do I make my body go back to it’s original condition”.

The answer to that question is “Completely stop masturbating and engage in some type of physical rehabilitation activity”.


A masturbation changed human body can be rehabilitated to some extent, though it is not likely to be a complete 100% rehabilitation of the body back to it’s original condition. Being unable to rehabilitate the body to 100% of it’s original state is not as serious as it might seem. A 90 something percent rehabilitation of the body will feel like a full 100% rehabilitation to all but those involved in some kind of competitive physical activity, or to those seriously involved in developing their body and themselves to their fullest potential.

The actual amount of rehabilitation will depend on the amount of time the individual has spent masturbating and changing their body in the first place, the type of rehabilitation activity they are involved in, the amount of time devoted to performing the rehabilitation activity, and the total amount of time the individual has been involved in the rehabilitation activity.


An individual who had been masturbating for 10 years for instance, should expect to spend something close to 10 years devotedly performing their chosen rehabilitation activity if they wish to return their body to approximately it’s original condition.

If the individual only performs the rehabilitation activity sporadically,  if the activity chosen for rehabilitation is one of the less effective or slower working ones, or if the individual performs the rehabilitation activity incorrectly, the amount of time to completely rehabilitate the body will be longer than the length of time the individual has been masturbating for.  


Masturbation makes all of the changes to the human body that it does by tightening and shrinking the body, so it should not be a surprise to learn that any kind of physical therapy or physical activity that loosens and relaxes the body will rehabilitate masturbation caused changes to the body by some amount.

Different rehabilitation methods will rehabilitate the body by differing amounts depending on how strongly they affect the body, and how they are designed to affect the body. Rehabilitation methods involving little or no physical movement of the body like meditation for instance, would rehabilitate the body by relatively small amounts compared to rehabilitation methods involving movement of the body like Tai Chi.

Any type of rehabilitation method guided by knowledge of the low level structures within the human body, and whose purpose includes developing, defining, and strengthening those low level structures, will be superior to any rehabilitation method whose only purpose is to relax the body, and any rehabilitation method that is not based on knowledge of the low level structures of the human body.

The practice of Tai Chi for instance, which is guided by knowledge of the low level structures of the body, would be superior to something whose only purpose was relaxation such as breathing calmly, or a physical exercise whose only purpose was to calm the body in an unguided way like going for a long walk, and physical exercises that relax or rehabilitate the body in an unguided way like surfing or skateboarding, which are usually thought of by most people as sports activities as opposed to physical exercises.

Possible choices for rehabilitating a body that has been changed by masturbation include:

(1) – Calming breathing methods or meditation.


Breathing methods and meditation are relatively mild rehabilitation methods that work mainly to relax the bodily tightness caused by masturbation. They do very little to rehabilitate the physical changes masturbation causes to the body. The effects of most breathing methods and meditation are so mild that they are of limited usefulness to the majority of individuals whose body has been changed by masturbation.

While breathing methods and meditation can and will provide therapeutic effects to anyone with a masturbation changed body, and they can and should be practiced for the calming and relaxing benefits they provide, breathing methods and meditation will be of the most use to individuals whose body has been severely tightened by masturbation, such as individuals who experience masturbation related anxiety or heart palpitations.

That is because according to Happeh Theory, one of the main factors contributing to masturbation related feelings of anxiety,  panic, and heart palpitation or other heart discomfort, is restricted breathing caused by masturbation. Masturbation will tighten the lungs and related areas so much that the breathing capacity may be reduced to as little as 10% of it’s normal value.

The reason masturbation restricted breathing produces feelings of anxiety, panic, or heart discomfort, should be familiar to anyone who has gone underwater. When a person underwater runs out of air, how do they react? They become anxious, panicked, and they will thrash about frantically in an attempt to get to the surface so they can get more air.

Masturbation causes anxiety, panic, and heart discomfort, for the exact same reason. Masturbation reduced breathing capacity will make the individual feel as if they are suffocating, just like someone underwater for too long feels like they are suffocating. Adding to the anxiety and panic felt by the unknowingly suffocating individual, is the bewilderment they feel at the source of those feelings.

When a person feels suffocation anxiety and panic from being underwater too long, the thinking part of their mind knows they are experiencing panic and anxiety because they need air. The thinking part of their mind can ameliorate or assuage the feelings of anxiety and panic because it understands their source is from being under water too long, and all that is required to rectify the situation is to go up to the surface to get more air.

When an individual feels suffocation anxiety and panic because of masturbation restricted breathing, they have no idea what the source of their anxiety and panic is because they are unaware of the link between masturbation and breathing. The individual will begin to experience fear at the unknown source of their anxiety and panic. That fear of the unknown source of their anxiety and panic will multiply those feelings to the point where they can paralyze the  individual, or even make them feel like they need medical attention.

Individuals experiencing those types of severe physical symptoms and related emotions need immediate relief of any kind. Even though the effects of mild breathing exercises on the body are mild, those mild effects can offer immediate mild relief and relaxation to the individual whose anxiety, panic, and fear, is so strong they feel paralyzed or they feel the need for medical attention.

There are esoteric breathing methods that do work to physical rehabilitate the body by some relatively small amount. Esoteric breathing methods are very different from mild breathing methods.

It is the opinion of this author that esoteric breathing methods are too dangerous to use as therapy for a masturbation changed human body. Their effects are so powerful that if they are not performed properly they will exacerbate any health problems the individual currently has, they will create new health problems, and most devastatingly, they can cause strong mental deterioration.

The danger associated with improperly performing esoteric breathing exercises makes them unsuitable as therapy for a masturbation changed human body, unless the individual has a trusted personal tutor completely knowledgeable in the breathing exercises, who can constantly monitor them to ensure they are performing the exercises properly, and that no ill effects are taking place.

The rehabilitation effects of any kind of breathing exercises will be increased if they are performed in specific body postures. According to Happeh Theory that is one reason for the man in the following picture to sit in the posture he is sitting in.


Sitting with his legs bent the way they are, extending his arms out to rest on his knees, and curling his fingers as they are curled, puts the body in a posture that causes the air within the body to circulate in a specific way that imparts particular benefits to certain parts of the body. Alternative body postures change the flow pattern of air within the body, which redirects the beneficial effects of the breathing to other parts of the body.

(2) – Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is the name of a Chinese hand to hand combat system. The picture below shows men practicing  the Tai Chi form.


The postures and movements of Tai Chi are based on knowledge of the deep level construction of the human body. The Tai Chi exercise consists of a series of linked physical movements that are to be performed while the person is in a calm state of mind and their breathing is relaxed.

The calm state of mind and the relaxed breathing both work to rehabilitate and inhibit further masturbation caused changes to the body in the same way static or non moving meditation or breathing does. The rehabilitation effectiveness of Tai Chi is radically increased by the addition of the various body movements that all work to develop, strengthen, and define the deep level structures of the human body.

The dedicated person who practiced Tai Chi for years could be almost certain of a 95% or higher rehabilitation of the masturbation caused changes to their body. That high rehabilitation percentage offered by the practice of Tai Chi makes it immediately desirable to many people.

Choosing Tai Chi as a rehabilitation method for a masturbation changed body does have drawbacks. Because Tai Chi was designed to work on and with the deep level structures of the human body, it’s proper practice requires patience, discipline, dedication, study, and large amounts of time.

Many people are unable to meet those requirements. The amount of time involved for Tai Chi to change the body is probably the most significant obstacle for the individual considering Tai Chi as a therapy for a masturbation changed body. It will literally take somewhere around three years for Tai Chi to make the beginning rehabilitative changes to their body. If the individual practices Tai Chi properly for three years, their body will develop a foundation that all other rehabilitation effects are based on.

The individual will receive relief from the symptoms of their masturbation changed body all during those three years, but it will take until the end of those three years for the changes to “cement” or “stick” to the body so they become an unconscious part of the individual’s every daily movement.

The practice of Tai Chi as a rehabilitation method requires serious consideration before being attempted. Because Tai Chi is designed to work on the deep level structures of the human body, improper performance of the form can cause severe health problems and undesirable physical changes to the body.

Any individual considering Tai Chi as a rehabilitation method needs to honestly evaluate themselves and determine if they are able and willing to devote the necessary mental effort to studying and understanding the purpose of the Tai Chi form. If the individual feels they are not able or interested in devoting the necessary mental efforts to the practice of Tai Chi, they should without a doubt choose one of the less demanding rehabilitation methods to heal their body.

(3) – The practice of other styles of Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu can be divided into what are called “External” or “Internal” styles. Both styles are based on knowledge of how the human body works at a deep level, so it would seem logical that both styles would be equally useful as therapy to help rehabilitate a masturbation changed body. That is not actually the case though.

External Kung Fu styles, while benefiting and possibly rehabilitating the body through developing, strengthening, and defining the deep structures of the human body, also tend to make the body hard or tight. Because masturbation related health problems are the result of masturbation caused tightening of the body, any additional tightness from any source is going to exacerbate those problems.

Internal Kung Fu styles also rehabilitate the body through developing, strengthening, and defining the deep structures of the body, but Internal Kung Fu styles tend to make the body relaxed and supple, which is one reason why the practice of Tai Chi will rehabilitate a masturbation changed human body.

Since a characteristic of Internal Kung styles is making the body relaxed and supple, and the Internal Kung Fu style Tai Chi is known to rehabilitate a masturbation changed body, it would be reasonable to assume other Internal Kung Fu styles would be equally efficient at rehabilitating masturbation caused changes to a human body. According to Happeh Theory, that is indeed the case.

According to Happeh Theory, any other Internal style of Kung Fu that is practiced properly, will have close to or exactly the same type of therapeutic effects on a masturbation changed human body that Tai Chi does. Two of those other Internal Kung Fu styles are Hsing Yi,


and Ba Gua,


(4) – Chi Kung Exercises

Chi Kung exercises are another type of exercise from China. Chi Kung exercises are similar to and/or based on Kung Fu exercises. The main difference between the two is that Chi Kung exercises are more geared towards health and self development, while Kung Fu exercises are more geared towards hand to hand combat. Chi Kung exercises are also usually performed with the body stationary, while Kung Fu exercises usually involve moving the body constantly.

The next picture shows a man performing a Chi Kung exercise.


Although there is no way to tell by examination of the previous pictures, the example Hsing Yi posture and the example Ba Gua posture are one posture in a serious of continuous movements. The example Chi Kung posture is a stationary posture that the man will hold until he completes the exercise.

( It should be kept in mind that because Chi Kung exercises are related to or based on Kung Fu exercises, Chi Kung movements can be used for hand to hand combat. If the reader will examine the palm of the Chi Kung practitioner in the example picture, it should be clear the motion used to extend the palm for the Chi Kung exercise could also be used to extend the palm to attack some target. )

Chi Kung exercises offer most of the same rehabilitative benefits that Kung Fu does because Chi Kung exercises also work on the deep level structures of the human body, and also because they are meant to be performed in a calm state of mind with calm and relaxed breathing.

(5) – Yoga

Yoga is an exercise system associated with the country of India. Yoga is a well known for it’s claims of calming the mind and body. Indian Yoga is based on knowledge of the deep level construction of the human body just as Chinese Kung Fu is. That means Yoga is also effective at rehabilitating the changes that masturbation makes to the human body.

The following picture shows a woman in a Yoga pose.


While the mental and physical calming provided by the practice of Yoga, as well as the development, strengthening, and defining of the deep level structures of the human body it offers, all exert rehabilitative effects on a masturbation changed body, the author is of the opinion that Yoga has the same drawback that Chi Kung exercises do. The use of mostly static posture.

While it is common to find Yoga practiced as a series of postures held over some period of time, each posture is it’s own self contained posture. There is not an intentionally designed flow of one Yoga posture into another in the same way the postures of Kung Fu are designed to flow from one to another. That characteristic of Yoga limits it’s effectiveness as a physical therapy in the opinion of the author.

That opinion based on theoretical merits should not be used as a reason to disregard Yoga as a therapy choice for a masturbation changed human body. While Yoga may be less effective than Internal Martial Arts styles at the theoretical level, in real life the proper practice of Yoga could offer very close to the same amount of bodily rehabilitation as the practice of Chinese Kung Fu does.

Keep in mind that because Yoga is similar to Kung Fu, the time it takes for Yoga to rehabilitate the body can be just as long as the time it takes for the practice of Kung Fu to rehabilitate the body. It might also take three years for the proper practice of Yoga to build and strengthen the correct basic foundation of the body.

(6) –  Pilates


“Pilates” is the name of an exercise system developed by a man named Pilates. Pilates works to develop, strengthen, and define the deep level structures of the human body, which means that Pilates exercises can rehabilitate a masturbation changed body by a large amount. Pilates exercises are also designed to be done in a calm state of mind with a relaxed body, which makes Pilates exercises almost as efficient at rehabilitating a masturbation changed body as Kung Fu exercises are.

Originally there were a variety of specialized machines created to perform the Pilates exercises. The machines were large and expensive, which limited their availability to larger organizations with the funds to purchase the machines and the space to install them. In order to recoup their investment, the organizations charged access fees that usually put the machines out of reach of the general public.

More recently a machine was developed that allowed performing a large number of the Pilates exercises all on one machine. This Pilates machine is small enough that it can be moved by one person and used within the space of an average room. The machine is reasonably priced and can be easily purchased by anyone. There are training recordings available and a television sales show for the product.

This Pilates machine is an excellent and recommended choice for the average individual who wants to correct the changes that masturbation has made in their body. That strong recommendation is based on the fact that Pilates will rehabilitate the body with very little awareness on the part of the individual as to what is going on.

The Pilates machine is perfect for the individual who does not want to study and work to ensure they are practicing a Chinese Kung Fu style or Yoga properly. Because the machine is exercising the body it is possible to do the exercises with little or no attention at all, and still receive strong rehabilitative benefits to their body.

(7) – Sports Rehabilitation Methods

Any other exercise method that either relaxes and stretches the body, or any other exercise that develops, strengthens, or defines the deep level structures of the human body, will work to rehabilitate a masturbation changed human body.

The previously listed rehabilitation methods are what might be called “traditional” rehabilitation methods. The rehabilitative properties of Kung Fu, Yoga, and Pilates, are all well known and well documented. Any of those choices, when performed properly, are guaranteed to rehabilitate a masturbation changed body by some amount.

Non traditional physical rehabilitation methods for a masturbation changed body would be activities like skateboarding,




roller skating


and skiing


Skateboarding, Surfing, and Roller Skating all strengthen what is called the “ground” of the individual. Strengthening the ground of an individual will work to correct any changes or health problems of the human body, and not just masturbation caused changes and health problems.

(8) – One final comment

All of the mentioned physical therapies will make the masturbation changes in a body more prominent at first. In other words it might seem like the physical therapy is making the masturbation caused changes worse instead of better.

That feeling is a perception of the mind. What is happening is that as the body is rehabilitated, the changes that masturbation inflicted on the body become much more apparent to the mind. Where before the body was in such poor condition the mind could not tell the difference between the healthy and masturbation changed areas of the body, the newly healthy and strong exercised parts of the body will feel very good, while the masturbation changed areas will feel as if they are dead and unresponsive.

Any individual who experiences strong negative feelings in some area of their body while performing rehabilitation exercises, should be reassured to know that is a natural part of the rehabilitation process that will pass with time. The individual should not be alarmed by those feelings or use them as a reason to quit the rehabilitation process.

Depending on how severely the body has been changed by masturbation, the severely masturbation changed areas of the body that feel dead and unresponsive, can remain feeling that way for literally years as the rehabilitation process progresses.

That is why the individual who is serious about rehabilitating their masturbation changed body must be prepared to exert large amounts of  discipline, patience, and perseverance, in order to actually attain their goal.


  1. how likely is a person to learn proper yoga technique in the common studio setting with an instructor having only a 200 hour or 500 hour training? my absolute worst fear is performing the practice improperly
    The yoga has done wonders for me so far but i am beginning to question my ability and my practice

    1. Depending on where an individual is in the process of rehabilitation, the skill of an instructor will have a varying impact on their rate of recovery or their comprehension of the recovery process.

      In the beginning of the rehabilitation process the affected body is usually so tight the individual cannot act on any advice an instructor would give, or feel any of the bodily details the instructor might tell them about. So it would make no difference what level instructor they had at that point.

      Once the affected body has relaxed enough that it is more sensitive and it can act on advice, some period of practice will be necessary to solidify those changes within the body and to increase confidence in knowledge about the body. As those changes solidify and the knowledge increases the individual will become aware of exactly how masturbation has changed their body. During this period it could also be argued that no instructor is necessary because he would mostly stand there watching as the affected individual’s body slowly gains the necessary strength and alignment to act on higher level advice.

      Then, once the body reached some predetermined level of strength and alignment, and the individual can feel details about their body because of the increased sensitivity gained through relaxation and flexibility, then it might matter exactly how knowledgeable in instructor was.

      Having said all of that, there is no denying that simple exposure to a knowledgeable instructor during the entire rehabilitation process is beneficial. Even though for most of the rehabilitation process the instructor would be nothing but a spectator or a motivation coach, learning by “osmosis”, or consciously and unconsciously absorbing everything around you while in the presence of a high level highly knowledgeable instructor will speed up the entire process of rehabilitation.

      It is also completely possible that after reaching a basic level of strength, alignment, flexibility and knowledge of how the body is currently performing and how it should be performing, that an individual could continue the rehabilitation process without an instructor. That is because the individual can logically figure out on their own how their physical practice should change or how their body must be constructed to function the way that it does, by continuing to practice and refine the rehabilitation techniques they have already learned.

    2. Guys, in my experience (i have tried yoga) yoga is very suitable and helpful. The only thing that is to be done is to do under the guidance of a trained instructor. u can follow B.K.S Iyenger and his videos on youtube and his book Light on Yoga.
      I am not saying yoga is best,but u should try it on your own and analyse its effects on yourself.Also it is not only the body that is damaged by this habit,but your spirit also. So feed the mind some good books .Make a routine of exercise (physical and mental). U will slip ( i also do, but i come back stronger) but never give up.Life embraces those who refuse to give up.
      I still have severe episodes of cravings and then, if i resist, emotional blackout, but i go on. Remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. And it will. So , just perserve . All the Best in your Recovery amd spread the truth .

  2. I have been masturbating since a little kid for about 7 years and now my body is a junk, I want to back for God’s sake, what would you do now if you were me? please master, i am starting to lose hope on this life, i figured this out pretty late, oh God i dont know what to do now

    1. Its never too late to get started. Transfer you feelings of despair and sorrow into discipline and determination. The more dedicated you are, the faster you’ll recover, so do everything you can. There’s no reason why you can’t employ more than one rehabilitation method at a time. For instance, do some yoga in the morning, skateboarding in the afternoon and some Tai Chi or basic stretching and calisthenics before bed. Never lose hope bro, you got this.

  3. left hand masterbaters will suffer from extreme anxiety and stuttering cause left brain is responsible about language,linear and logical thinking,positive emotions

    1. Hi, what u said is extremely true…. i m a lefthander and now i m suffering from extreme anxiety… now my body physical is extremely weak, no appetite, but western doctors could not find anything wrong with me and insist this is psychological problem.

      do u know what should i do now?

      also, what r the ways to stop myself from masturbating in the event if i m horny?

  4. Is it possible to accelerate the corrective process by (in addition to no longer masterbating) doing exercises with the other hand that mimic masterbating movements, thus counteracting the damage down with the original hand?

  5. is there any method by which the left side of body could become equal to right side. is this body mechanism. or need to take some suppliments or diets. and what is this happhe why he did not mention about cure for this. is he need money? or he does not know about the treatment, or he wants to just public notification or popularity of his website. Please if happhe you know treatment tell. this is about who those people suffers.

    1. I do not understand why you are asking how to rehabilitate a masturbation changed body at the bottom of a post devoted to rehabilitation methods for masturbation changed bodies?

    2. Sir i am right hand user because of doing too much masturbation my one side chest down and one side is up so sir what i do suggest me please

      1. Please read the masturbation rehabilitation section of the site. Stopping masturbation would of course be one of the first things you would want to do.

  6. Hello,i am suffering on a serous matter.The problem tht i had was very serious.I now only know that mastuburate has side effect.My tongue was block and i cannot talk even though a single word.If i force also my mouth is changing shape and my tongue is forcing the teeth.I recently only had anxiety and heart pulpitation.I cannot talk in public.This problem started when i was teen.So please help me to recovery as a fluent speecher in public?

    1. I doing this from my childhood days I am 30years my body is full of junk, does only after 20 years I I’ll be cure are what, I feeling like to kill my self, why god gave me this habit, I am in life edge one side earn money for family .. And spend time for earning money for servivel of family, hthen were I can spend time for this exercise, don’t I ve any option for curing it fast, r else I ve die.

  7. Hello there ! To all those above suffering from any bad stages of masturbation can take 2 tablets of Patanjali (or any brand ) ‘Ashwagandha tablets perform yoga for atleast 12 Suryanamaskar early in the morning for rest of your life and if you are also having memory or any other problems i think along with the above ‘Shilajit rasayan’ and ‘medha vati are beneficial but before all this its important to clean your blood with Kayakalp Vati ___these are ayurvedic Indian medicines should be taken in breaks and not continuosly to have 0 side effects please search on Patanjali site India ! I am not advertising but sharing the personal problem guys never lose faith in yourself god is within you !If you wanna thank me ?#just respect every Indian and our culture !!!Happy to help

  8. Guys, in my experience (i have tried yoga) yoga is very suitable and helpful. The only thing that is to be done is to do under the guidance of a trained instructor. u can follow B.K.S Iyenger and his videos on youtube and his book Light on Yoga.
    I am not saying yoga is best,but u should try it on your own and analyse its effects on yourself.Also it is not only the body that is damaged by this habit,but your spirit also. So feed the mind some good books .Make a routine of exercise (physical and mental). U will slip ( i also do, but i come back stronger) but never give up.Life embraces those who refuse to give up.
    I still have severe episodes of cravings and then, if i resist, emotional blackout, but i go on. Remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. And it will. So , just perserve . All the Best in your Recovery amd spread the truth .

  9. I started practicing it at the age of 13, now I am 22. It was my daily routine for first 6 years. I realised being in this bad habit at 19 (was a biology student). Then dropped to 1-2 times per MONTH, but till then it all started to getting worse: face, naval, hands, legs etc. Began becoming asymmetric. Now, I am 22, can I recover?? Back? to real me. My Body is shrinking very fast. Also, I came to know of getting cancer last year.(lymphoma-malignant). So, I’ll try to recover (If I could) & you provided me the hope again. But the cancer is more problematic then body asymmetry, I think.

    1. The principles of Happeh Theory imply that ailments such as cancer can either be caused or exacerbated by excessive masturbation. Masturbation directs the forces of the body to places they should not go. Those areas of the body that are subjected to the punishment of extreme pressure being forced on them constantly by masturbation can react by developing cancer, or by making a pre existing cancer worse.

      It will take quite awhile, usually the same amount of time spent on excessive masturbation, at least, to regain something resembling normal bodily symmetry after a long period of excessive masturbation like 6 years. Of course the bodily symmetry will improve by some amount previous to the full 6 year or more rehabilitation period, and the individual should experience feelings of relief and well being in both the mental and physical areas before the full 6 year rehabilitation period.

  10. Hi there you said that its only really possible to get your body back to 90% of its original condition after years of sexual abuse. I have been trying hard regain my fitness back to its peak condition but i feel i am fighting a losing battle. Will i ever be able to play competitive sport like rugby or soccer to a high standard again without feeling i am always a step behind my peers? Is 90% fitness a reasonable standard of fitness?Competitive sport is my life but please dont lie and tell me with honesty. Thank you 🙂

    1. 90% rehabilitation will satisfy almost anyone but the extreme athlete. A regular person going about a regular life would feel as if nothing had ever changed if they were to rehabilitate their body to 90% of it’s pre-masturbation changed state.

      People like Olympians, professional sportsmen like pro football, pro basketball, or pro baseball players, or people who wanted to develop their body to it’s utmost potential via methods like Kung Fu or Yoga will most likely see a difference between their own performance and the performance of a fellow competitor who had never changed their body via excessive masturbation.

      In this day and age of widely varied professional sports, a young person who was engaged in professional skateboarding, professional surfing, professional dancing or trick bicycle riding will also see a difference between their 90% rehabilitated masturbation changed body and a competitor who had never engaged in excessive masturbation.

    1. Masturbation can change the body in as little as 6 months depending on the frequency and the time masturbation is engaged in for each session.

      A person who masturbates once in a while for 5 minutes will cause insignificant long term changes to their body.

      A person who masturbates 5 times a day for 1 hour each time will absolutely experience severe bodily changes in a very short period of time like the 6 months mentioned above.

    1. In my experience, “Exercises performed in a gym” usually refers to weightlifting. According to Happeh Theory weightlifting WILL NOT rehabilitate masturbation caused bodily changes. The reason being that the body will tend to settle into it’s current configuration, the masturbation changed body configuration, in order to support the force the weights put on the body.

      Almost all of the methods suggested for rehabilitating a masturbation changed body involve flexibility and the imposition on the body of only those forces generated by the bodies own weight.

  11. I have been masturbating furiously since the age of 10. A friend told me about it, and that is why I started doing it. He said it felt good. My mouth has changed (shape), and my teeth are crowding. I seriously asked God if he would help me stop, and I have not touched myself since.

    1. The general rule of thumb is that it is necessary to engage in some type of rehabilitation method for approximately the same amount of time that a person has been masturbating for to rehabilitate 85 to 95 percent of the bodily changes caused by masturbation.

      So if someone masturbated for 10 years, it would take approximately 10 years of pilates or some other rehabilitation method, as well as the complete cessation of masturbation during that time, to rehabilitate the bodily changes caused by the initial 10 years of masturbation.

  12. hello sir.,
    i masturbate since seven years my body is look exactly as smith body url mentioned above… my right side traps,chest,collar bone is bigger than left side… please help me sir.. reple me any best remedy or rehabilation to cure it. iam 21 years old

  13. happeh i ammasturbate since 6 years . Now body look likes as same as mr smith body mentioned in theory .. The chest,shoulder,collar bone,of left side is smaller than right side even the hair also does not grown on left side. Please help me.. Specify the rehabilation exercise.. Best for me briefly

  14. happeh i ammasturbate since 6 years . Now body look likes as same as mr smith body mentioned in theory .. The chest,shoulder,collar bone,of left side is smaller than right side even the hair also does not grown on left side. Please help me.. Specify the rehabilation exercise.. Best for me briefly

    1. The best rehabilitation exercise for you or anyone is the exercise that you enjoy and will continue performing. Rehabilitation will usually take a long period of time, so any exercise the individual gives up on because they do not like it would be the wrong rehabilitation exercise for them.

  15. I’m 26 years old. Due to masturbation from past 4 years my right side portion of my body has shruken. But, now I stopped doing masturbation and doing rehabilitation activities to recover it. At this time Marriage affects ? Will it leads to worse condition of my body ? Marrying a person will affect ?

  16. I agree with your happeh theory. Doctors and scientist are foolish with their arguments regarding masturbation . I’am 26 years old. Due to masturbation from past 4 years my right side portion of my body muscle has shruken. Now, I stopped doing masturbation and involving in rehabilitation activity to recover my body. At this time marrying a person affects ? Will it leads to worse condition to my body after marriage ?

    1. Marriage should actually provide some rehabilitative effects if one assumes that the marriage would result in sexual activity involving hip thrusting. The thrusting of the hips will strengthen them and even them out, which in turn will even out the asymmetry of the body caused by masturbation.

  17. How do you know a 100% rehabilitation is not possible? Where is the source for this article?

    1. It is my own personal opinion that 100% recovery is not possible. There are no sources for the article. It too is my own personal opinion.

      1. happeh, what do you mean by completely stop masturbation? do you mean forever? even during sex? and for how long?

  18. I think my facial distortion has been caused by long term right malar bone has become more prominent and affects my right eye too. Will rehab revert the bone structure? :'(

    1. Rehabilitation would not change the actual bones. Rehabilitation would regenerate or change the appearance of the soft tissue like muscles, tendons, etc in the surrounding area. As that soft tissue changed shape and or grew larger the bone would become less prominent as the growing soft tissue covered it.

      The bone would could also become less prominent if the way the body is held changes. It is possible that the prominence of the bone you mention is caused partially or completely by the way you hold your head. Perhaps your head is slightly twisted or tilted which causes that bone to jut outwards more than normal. If the head was held straight the bone would not jut outwards so much, so it would seem less prominent.

  19. Hi!

    I have been masturbating for like 8 years now but I thank God I don’t have any physical changes on my body but It has affected my performance in bed though. I have a problem with erectile dysfunction, pain in the penis and premature ejaculation. How can I fix this?

    1. Almost everyone feels that their body could not possibly have been changed by masturbation. But the entire premise of this blog is that long term masturbation can and does change the appearance of the body to some degree. So I would not be as certain as you seem to be that your body has not changed in some way, especially after 8 years of masturbation.

      As for “fixing” the erectile dysfunction, pain in the penis, and premature ejaculation you mention, the first thing to do is to stop masturbating.

      Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are both likely due to a bodily weakness that has been caused or exacerbated by masturbation. An erection can be visualized as being caused by…..lets say fluid that fills tubing that connects from inside of your body into your penis. That tubing has to be flexible and have some kind of diameter to it in order for the fluid to flow from your body, through the tubing, and into the penis to fill it up. Masturbation can be visualized as constricting and tightening that tubing so that the fluid cannot get from inside of your body into the penis. That would cause erectile dysfunction because if the fluid cannot fill up the penis, how can the penis become erect? Logically it would be necessary to do something that would loosen that tubing so the inside of it could open up and allow fluid to flow through it again. Which explains why most of the rehabilitation methods suggested on this website focus on stretching the body and making it flexible.

      Premature ejaculation can also be attributed to the tightening and constriction caused by masturbation. If we continue with the fluid flowing into the penis for an erection concept, an ejaculation would occur when so much fluid flowed into the penis that it “popped” like a water balloon pops when it is filled up too much. A premature ejaculation would be caused by the penis becoming filled with fluid and “popping” too soon. Why or how would the penis become filled up “too soon”? Because masturbation has tightened it up and made it smaller. You know how water balloons come in different sizes? A penis that took awhile to ejaculate would be like one of the large long balloons that can be filled up with a lot of water. Masturbation would shrink and tighten the penis until, even though it still looks the same to a visual inspection by the eyes, it behaves like one of those little short water balloons that maybe only get as big as a baseball. It takes a much smaller amount of fluid to fill up that small balloon and make it pop. And since this problem is also due to the tightening of the body that constant masturbation causes, the remedy would also be stretching and relaxation that restores the flexibility of the body.

      And lastly, pain in the penis is also most likely the result of tightening of the body. You do not mention if the pain only occurs during ejaculation, or if it is felt while masturbating. If the pain is felt during masturbation, it is most likely caused by some tight part of the body saying “I am as tight as I can possible go without damage. If you keep masturbating I am going to tighten up past my design limits and am going to get damaged by ripping and tearing, or I will cause damage to the parts of the body that I am attached to by pulling on them too much and causing them to rip or tear”. If the pain is felt during ejaculation, the same thing is happening. Some muscle or tendon is trying to warn you of impending damage, but you only feel it during ejaculation because that muscle or tendon is only being stretched past it’s limits during the strong jerking and tightening taking place during ejaculation.

      1. Hi! i was masturbating since i was 11 years old and now im arms are shrinking how am i suppose to recover it? pls help

  20. Hi Sir, I am 21 year old male and I am suffering from masturbationmasturbation side effects from 3 monthmonth. I am doing this act about 6 years . I am not a frequent masturbater I generally masturbate 2 – 3 times a month but last time I masturbated 2 – 3 times a week for 1 month and then suddenly my problem has initiated when I saw the first symptoms that was fatigue and my body was shrink in 2 days then I am stopped masturbation but the problems still remains and growing every symptoms each and every day how is that possible. the problems that I am suffering is physical, mental and physiological like ( chronic fatigue, muscle lose, muscles cramping every where in the body, lower back pain sometimes, fuzzy vision, impaired hearing, memory problem, poor concentration, low self-esteem, digestive problems, palpitation in heart when I checking my B.P my heart rate shows 75 , sometimes 85 and sometimes 93 , I am in very depression ) I was a body builder I was started doing free hand exercise 6 years ago before the problems started my body was good and muscular and now my body is thin I am now just 45 kg .my main problems is will my body able to recover it’s before situation because my all muscles are now very lose like a girl and my digestive problem when I am eating something neutriens food it is not digest . so if the food can’t digest how my body can take it’s proper nutrition to recover the side effects . please help me. Thanks

  21. Some peoples said that masturbation side effects will not cure is that true. if I am not cure I will do suicide because I am not gonna live like this.

  22. I started masturbating at 6 years. For last two years I am not masturbating but I am having wet dreams for last month I had it more at the end of themonth I found that my righr side of my body and face becoming shrunken I dont know what to do and my left knee is started paining please help me I am 19 years now please help me happeh

  23. i have two inquiries if i may:

    1) do you recommend swimming in a pool as an excessive for recovering?
    2) I am starting to show up kidney pain in one side, whats your advice? I have been masturbating for 10 years.
    3) Who are you?

    I totally agree with this theory, every single info in it true. I have seen it symptoms in myself.

    thank you

  24. can running, jogging, football, basketball, cricket or any other kind of activities like this can restore a mastrubated changed body?

  25. Hello,
    I am 25 years old, and I started masturbation when I was 8 years old . . . .honestly!!!
    And when I turn 14 I started playing karate and I didn’t feel any changes in my body, I was normal and healthy, but when I stopped karate and exercise, I start feeling sleepy, unhappy,addicted to masturbation, and I really hopeless now, and I used my right hand most of the time to masturbate , now I can see that my right side body is smaller than my left side body, I can clearly feel that, I am really afraid of my life now and I need help!!!!
    Honestly my reason of masturbation is just attraction of vagina and I really want to have sex 🙁
    I have some questions
    2) Now I have got chance to have sex with girl, so do I sex with her??? but I am avoiding to have sex because masturbation cause my penis shrink, and my penis look so unhealthy so don’t what to show a girl penis like this 🙁
    PLEASE . . . . PLEASE . . . . PLEASE . . . . HELP ME :'(

    1. My other question is
      If I start doing exercise which I did in karate, this exercise will help me to rehabilitate my body?

  26. oooh all these things you guys are given me are all Chinese stuff, yoga , TSA lun and stuff, however I’m Ghanaian and don’t know anything, can’t playing basketball help me to recover from the effects of masturbation?
    because it looks like the right side of my body is growing well but the left side of my body is growing weaker and weaker. I think my energy body is distorting as a result of masturbation.. help meeee

      1. That is kind of humorous. Not in a rude way. It will be natural for some people to not grow beards or to get a “deep manly voice”. If those are things you desire, those changes can be the result of physical work. Like the kind of physical work you see in stories about manly men. Ditch diggers, plumbers, manual laborers of any type. You must decide if a beard and a deep voice are worth 8 hours a day of back breaking, exhausting, sweaty, aching work and give it a try.

        Or maybe you will get lucky and your beard will grow and your voice will change next year without any effort.

  27. Happeh/Jalon 2018 – 2024 6 years i am embarking on this journey with yoga and tai chi
    Hope i get okay
    I love your vigor and passion for your work thank you
    Its time to change the world.
    Your the best. I am truly thanking you from my heart happeh/jalon thank you so so so much
    Hope you live a long life and stay healthy forever. <3
    I want to meet you once in my life if i could get a chance.
    In my life i have noticed your theories happening for real i would like to mention it once so you get a feeling that yes there are people who can comprehend what i m trying to tell them
    1. Harming of the pyramid/kidney/testicle/layer/cylinder/ view of the human body inside the human body by Plots By Evil/Israeli Forces.

    2.De-evolution of human race

    3.I could truly feel and understand your pyramid view of the human body because i have noticed this in some people that they have a perfect forehead and they are amazingly healthy, social and great people.

    4.Masturbation shrinks the human body on one side and as for observation i have noticed right hand masturbation shrinks the left side of the body especially the brain and the cylinder on the left side of the human body i believe in chinese theories because i learnt it from you all yin yang theories and references you mentioned.
    Its truly sad people like the chinese japanese are slowly losing their culture/knowledge and their populace are becoming weaker. 🙁
    Actually this is true for india too by my observation people that are most affected are young children whose minds have been polluted by these heinous venomous media content i swear.

    5.i believe that your entire website/theories are true and i hope you continue to educate the humanity about whatever you know so that they can use this to prevent themselves from harming themselves
    Your quotes and posts on forums are unbelievably true and intelligent. Your a man for all seasons you have broken the mold you are helping people getting their lives back.

    I think completing so much of notes makes you pretty sure how much excited and intrested i am to talk to you which you do not intend to do with people and about happehtheory
    After so many years
    But happeh trust me god is watching he is gonna bless you.

    1. That was a very nice and touching post you created. It sounds like you mean that from your heart.

      Thank you and good luck to you.

      1. Yess sir <3 i wrote it 2 years back from my heart
        for your work. Now i have matured… I really want to talk to you once. Sir pleasee…. i want to connect with you here's my email

    1. To some extent yes, but it will not have much impact on changes that have been made to the physical structure of the body.

  28. You are crazy! If your body has shrunken on one side you have cancer and not caused by masturbation. Or radioactive mutation. Or your job is stupid and require working of one hand only. Get real. I mastrubate almost wveryday since 30 years. Im doing s many rztreme sports. Its another wxcerxiae. How can an exceecisw cause the body to be junk? Where is the link? Connection? Are you sucikng your own penis – right of course then you are bend in S and your back is painfull. Trolololo hahahah. Are you fisting your ass from behing. Of course your wrist hurts if you are conatantly sitting on then. Get real. Where do you people are feom? Its so funny and unreal to read your stupid stories. Yes god will push you. But why god invited mastrubation? If its forbidden then why some devil snake is not coming and killing you. Or fucking your anus? I think you are some kind of tribal people drom
    Small village and all everytime deunk. Sorry for the hate speeach, im lovinf everybody, but this is multi hilarious. I mastrubated today first time sonde a week and Im very weak. Bexauae of jerking? Maybe I lost some enegry? Rather because two times got serioualy drunk almost poisoned, jetlag, bad wake up in wrong rem phase etc. eeeh blame mastrubation. So easy.

    You are hored. And have no problem in life. No real problems. Finding problems that dont exist. Bravo!

    1. You obviously feel strongly about your opinion but I have to disagree with you. If you have masturbated as much as you describe, your body will exhibit masturbation related changes. One of the changes examples of which are provided in the masturbation caused body changes section of the website.

      I have been through this kind of disagreement with many people in the past. And in every case, if the individual sent me a picture of themselves, I could point right at the part of their body that masturbation has changed. So we could easily resolve this disagreement if you post a current picture of yourself somewhere that I can inspect it so I can point out where your body has changed.

  29. For those who is suffering from mastrubation addiction.
    Our body release endorphins during mastrubation that’s the hormone that causes pleasure during mastrubation. Endorphins are the hormones that gives us the effect of the drug morphine. Our bodies can also release endorphins by doing aerobic exercises like jogging. Jog daily for at least 2km and you will forget about mastrubation hope this helps you good luck

    1. I would say no to running and football working specifically on the changes masturbation causes on a body. Swimming might possibly work because it involves the entire body moving together in a coordinated and smooth way.

      1. Thanks a alott sir i will swim every day do yoga atleast for 15 mins everyday

        I will spend 30 mins everyday…. 15 min swimming 15 minutes yoga to rehabilitate my body which got damaged

        By 8 years of masturbation i will use the next 8 years doing this will it revert the changes masturbation caused completely…….and is this enough i mean in yoga i will do surya namaskar which is a sequence of 12 poses continuosly flowing in the other pose……. i will do contionuosly multiple suryanamaskar for 15 minutes will that be enoughhh pls if you are kind/helpful enough please can you see that yoga method and verify it will work or not because then i will do that for 8 years and forever in my life if it will help me with recovering the non masturbation body……… please sir verify and pls contact me … i requested in 5 comments please now can you let me express my gratitude….towards you by talking to you personally and speak about intresting things you know?

    1. Running in my opinion would not specifically work on the changes masturbation has made on the body.

  30. My body bones ribs bones change Yyyy and my
    Two leg knee change anf pain all porms in Masturbation and my body original condition returne

    1. Sexual desires are hard to stop because they are so strong in a maturing human body. If you truly desire to change your body back to a more normal, non masturbation changed state, you can do it. All you need is determination and a true desire to change.

  31. Hey Buddy please contact me PLEASE it’s an humble request. i want to talk about a lot of things with about this world and the universe please contact me please happeh your one of the special chosen people on this planet who is so so so so so so so so well acquianted with the past and the old wisdom of the sages i have to speak to you please i hope you respond to my mesage sir

    1. Hello. I no longer maintain this website and have not for years. I would like to help people as evidenced by the work put into this website, but I am busy mostly just living my life now.

      1. Sir there’s lockdown going on please if you get the time pls its my personal request contact me or let me contact you i really wanted to talk to you and am excited too because you are one of the most blessed people on this planet i want to see/hear whats your views right now I have given out my email down its imp that i get a consultation from you but more than a consultation i want to connect with you very eagerly i am just 20 found your website when i was 15 .

  32. Happeh, make a discord server.
    My main question is how do you deal with wet dreams, i have been on the sr journey for 2-3 years i believe. And yet, i have seen lust demons in dreams and real life. I have completely given up fapping for a long time but thats not my point

    1. I have not actively worked on these websites for years and currently have no plans to work on them or any other projects such as a discord server.

      Wet dreams are a difficult thing to deal with. The body naturally desires sexual release because of the hormones and physical pressures that are produced during the process of bodily maturation. It is necessary to try to relieve those pressures through other means in order to prevent wet dreams. Those pressures can be released by physical exercise or work in general, or by specific exercises designed to suppress the physical forces that are involved in sexual excitation and wet dreams. It will also be necessary to work mentally on wet dream suppression. If you are dreaming at night, you must train yourself to recognize when your dreams are going down a path that will produce an unwanted ejaculation and train yourself to wake up before they take place. This is a difficult process naturally because you are sleeping and groggy and your mental activity is in a low powered state. It will most likely take the individual some time to begin to recognize when a dream appears that is leading to sexual excitation and wet dreams, and be mentally alert enough to force themselves to awaken immediately. Especially since for most individuals, sexual dreams will be alluring, something one will want to live through, enjoy, and experience as a sexually active adult.

  33. Hey Happeh,

    I know that your unlikely to answer me. I feel I have a very important question so if you see this please consider answering – Not Only for Myself but for Everyone Else Out There Wondering the Same Thing. Still can’t believe no one has asked you this yet.

    If a person has been masturbating and destroying their body for the past 20 years (2 hrs a day) is there anyway we could speed up the rehabilitation process and cut those 20 years of rehab in half (by 10 years) by rehabilitating their body 4 hours everyday? Or would this be considered excessive exercise that would further harm the human body?

    1. Hello. You are correct that this site is no longer maintained and has not been active for years.

      To answer your question, no, the extra time spent on rehabilitation would not be likely to decrease the time necessary for masturbation caused bodily transformation to be rehabilitated. The process does not work similar to something like weightlifting, where more time spent weightlifting produces immediately observable results. Bodily rehabilitation is a more gradual and slow process that could be likened to coaxing an animal into doing something you want. Sometimes the animal will listen to you and do what you want, but a lot of the time the animal will be shy and skittish and will not do what you want.

      I wish that rehabilitation did work in the manner you describe because it would make like so much easier for people who have unknowingly changed their bodies and wish to return them to their original state.

      Good luck and thank you for your question.


  35. Happen what do you think about illuminati pyramid is it true that there are higher ups who are using pyramid knowledge against us

  36. Is it advisable for a person who has masturbated for 11 years to procreate with a partner to create a offspring? Or should he complete his 11 years of Rehabilitation and the procreate? Or in the middle of his Rehabilitation say like after rigorous exercising of 3 years out of 11 years? What are your suggestions?

  37. I m 21 y 6 m old when do you think it is plausible to marry a girl? I have been masturbating since 11 years old. Now I will start my Rehabilitation journey. I am a virgin. So what do you think should be the ideal time to marry? When should I lose my virginity before or after marriage? I have no vices except masturbation this is because it was almost impossible to leave that circle of habit but now I want to leave it at the past and look beyond the horizons. I’ve had the knowledge of Happeh Theory Since 2015 then also I could not overpower myself to stop this habit it really is sad. I want to change my life forever turn this around and find the path I was destined for Just like 11 years = 4000 days this is a analogy like I have 11 years left for perfecting my Pyramid completely healing myself I would like to count it like walking 1 km daily which equals to 1 hour of exercise daily doing Surya namaskar (Yoga) and meditating for 15 minutes with breathing from alternate nostrils. Once I make up for what I have lost by years of ejaculations what will be the state of my body and mind after exercising 4000 days daily without mastrubating a single time? And like the analogy above after walking (exercising) 1 km daily. Will I become capable of like walking 10km per day like then those 4000 days of exercise which I completed by walking 1 km daily in small bits. Once I recover will I get the effects that you have said occurs in high energy beings. Will I be able to walk like 10 km and maximize my energy in 1 year by rigorously exercising daily for 5 hrs continuously for 1 year. And reach the peak of my sadhana? Then those small bits of exercise of daily 1 hr which converted into 4000 km will after reaching 2033 (after 11 years of Rehabilitation) will I be able to even furthermore go beyond 100% healing and reach the enlightened state of Moksha (samadhi) which is considered the epitome of the highest attainment in Hinduism,Buddhism,jainism,etc what are your thoughts of it? And what about the other abilities you mentioned you gain like telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis which are by product of doing exercise regularly. What level of state have you reached since you have created happeh theory in early 2000’s you had said about your father that he was a very powerful man and what is your current capabilities which you have mentioned to others like after you reach the highest level of consciousness by doing exercise like in your domain you perform Chinese martial arts to reach these levels of high consciousness?

  38. If you didn’t understand my Rehabilitation plan or analogy it goes like this

    11 years of masturbation which is almost 4000 days
    2011 to 2022

    And now I start my Rehabilitation
    2022 to 2033

    It is like I will daily do exercise for 1 hr for 4000 days

    Here’s the analogy to grasp
    Walking 1km daily for 4000 days which is like exercising 1 hr daily for 4000 days

    After practically walking 4000km / 1 hour exercise daily for 4000 days

    (daily 1hr exercise for 4000 days=1km walking daily for 4000 days)

    After the raising my energy to the perfect standard of your Pyramid theory which means I complete my Pyramid I reconstruct the pathways which got closed by masturbation and raise the energy by pumping the energy up my spine this is from the chapter of your book primer on how the human body works part 2 chapter 19 the cobra view of the human body .

    Ok now as I have walked daily 1 km/ exercised 1 hr daily for 4000 days

    Will after those initial small bits of exercise 1km daily walking/ 1 hr daily exercise

    Will I be able to go beyond 100% Rehabilitation and rigorously exercise for 1 more year after completing Rehabilitation

    But this time this 12th year after 11 years of initial Rehabilitation

    Should I triple my exercise time to 5 hr daily which equals to 10km walk daily for my purpose of calculation

    This will complete my Rehabilitation journey of 11 year
    In 1 year which will be my 12th year of Rehabilitation

    It means that I am capable of walking 10km daily which is equal to 3650 days of exercise in the first place will it enhance and help me reach levels of higher consciousness which is previously unattainable for a ordinary human being will I be able to reach different realms do remote viewing telekinesis telepathy etc more efficiently?

    1. Hello brother masturbation side effects body recover doing. Ur body tell me brother pls fast comment witeing

  39. I have a theoretical question what if a person out of 24 hrs spend 11 hours (doing each exercise for 1 hour)

    Tai Chi.
    Hsing Yi
    Ba Gua
    Chi Kung Exercises
    Calming breathing methods or meditation.
    roller skating

    What can happen will Rehabilitation happen even like this? Or should we choose only one exercise to do daily?

    Like only pilates or only yoga or only Tai Chi or only Chi Kung or only ba gua or only hsing yi.

    1. Hello brother masturbation ur body body bone change Anne change please tell me brother and recomment do

  40. Happeh happeh one more question
    Why mummies are wrapped the way they are
    What is the reason for putting bodies in a sarcophagus?
    i wanted to know this it was a hyperlink in your old website of happeh theory which is not working anymore

    i am watching moon knight so thats why i was aroused to ask this question

  41. And one more question sorry to bother you soo much but is wearing a kippah everyday in the Rehabilitation years beneficial to our brain? After masturbation damage shrinks your brain will wearing a kippah heal it to some extent? Or is it only that the exercise slowly but gradually heals the shrinkage of the brain and the entire body

    Well the kippah in use is pertinent to healing only the brain while the rehabilitating exercises is being done daily for some amount of time and can wearing the kippah everyday for some unequal amount of time daily help in any way

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