Case Study 01 – Detailed Listing Of Bodily Changes Observed In Raw Visual Data – Part 05

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled. This blog provides Case Studies of human beings whose bodies have been changed by masturbation. The definition of a Case Study for this blog will be “examination, reporting, analysis, and discussion, of the changes masturbation has made in an example human body”.

The value of the Case Studies lies in the fact that the information for them is voluntarily submitted by a helpful member of the public. The human being who is the subject of the case study voluntarily provides information such as when they first began to masturbate, the frequency of their masturbation, how they masturbate, and any of their own thoughts on how masturbation has changed their body.

The information for Case Study 01 was provided by Mr John Smith. Mr Smith’s descriptions of his masturbation history, masturbation habits, and thoughts about how how masturbation has affected his life, can be found in the Raw Descriptive Data section.

Raw Visual Data consisting of nude pictures of Mr John Smith can be found through the link below.

Raw Visual Data

This part of the case study will list the various masturbation caused changes observed in each of the Raw Visual Data images of the current example human body, as well as any other relevant observations. That means of course that this part of the Case Study also includes nude pictures of a male human being.

( Because of the size of the images and the number required to clearly point out all of the bodily changes, the “Detailed Listing of Bodily Changes Observed in Raw Visual Data” must be spread out over multiple blog entries. Please keep in mind that the images found in this particular blog entry are only part of the entire collection. )


The first example picture for this blog entry demonstrates how Mr Smith masturbates with his left hand.


The upper arm is angled far out to the side of the body.


The large angle of the upper arm creates a large distance between the elbow and the side of the body.


All of the fingers and the thumb enclose and grip the penis.


The grip that the hand puts on the penis makes the shaft of the penis point to Mr Smith’s right.


The upper part of the penis that is not enclosed by the griping hand is more straight up and down.


The right side of the head of the penis has a fat and thick look to it with a particular shape.


The left side of the head of the penis has a relatively thin look to it with a different shape. The left side of the head of the penis looks like there is a depression in it.


The second example picture for this blog entry is a close up of the penis.


Mr Smith’s lower body slants to his left while his upper body slants to his right.


The lower part of the right chest looks more full and thicker than the lower part of the left chest.


There is a pattern to the hair and skin on the chest in the area enclosed within the circle in the picture below.


There is a dark area on the chest approximately where the heart is located.


The right nipple looks like it is flat on the chest and facing forward. The left nipple looks like it is on the side of the chest and angled outward.


There is more of the left side of the torso visible than the right side of the torso. The right side of the torso has a curved shape while the left side of the torso has a straighter shape.


The right leg is stretched out while the left leg is lifted upwards.


Mr Smith’s penis is rotated to his left.


The rotation of the penis makes more of the right side of the penis visible than the left side of the penis.


The right side of the head of the penis looks fatter and thicker than the left side of the head of the penis. The left side of the head of the penis looks thin and it looks like there is a depression in it.