Chinese Man Mocking White Interviewer Who Has Masturbation Caused Body Changes


The Asian man in the picture above is mocking the Caucasian man who is interviewing him. There might be some doubt about that statement because the face of the Caucasian man cannot be seen. There is no way to verify the Caucasian man’s face really does look like the Asian man’s face.

Those who doubt might notice the slight grin on the face of the Caucasian man.


The observant individual may also be able to tell the Caucasian man’s face is slightly reddish as if he is blushing with embarrassment. The Caucasian man is grinning and blushing with embarrassment because he knows the Asian man is mocking him, but he does not really know why.

What is it about the face of the Asian man that points to the conclusion he is mocking the Caucasian man? The Asian man’s head looks the way a typical masturbation changed face looks. What exactly are those changes?

The Asian man’s head is tilted down to his right for no apparent reason.


His upper lip is pulled upwards,


which reveals his teeth.


The Asian man’s eyes are squinting.


with the left eye looking like it is squinting tighter.


The left side of the mouth looks slightly more open than the right side of the mouth.


The slightly more open left side of the mouth and the tighter squinting left eye indicate the left side of the Asian man’s head is tighter and smaller than the right side of his head.


There are no external influences in the picture that could be responsible for the Chinese man to pose his body the way it is.


There is nothing making him to tilt his head. There is nothing making him open his mouth. There is no reason for him to squint his eyes. And there is no reason for the left side of his face to appear smaller than the right side of his face.

Therefore the Asian man must be consciously making that face on purpose. Why? Why would the Asian man feel the urge or the need to make that particular face while he is being interviewed by the Caucasian man?

Because the Asian man is mimicking the look on the Caucasian man’s face. The Asian man does not have to mimic the look on the Caucasian man’s face, so why would he do it? The most obvious reason is mockery, if you know all of the observations about the Asian man’s head make up part of the list of the most common body changes caused by masturbation.