Man Mimicking Big Eye Syndrome

Masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing many other health problems and physical changes to the body. One of those changes is what is known as “Big Eye Syndrome” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. “Big Eye Syndrome” is the name given to the tendency of a human being to look out of only one of their eyes instead of looking out of both eyes equally. The picture below shows an example of “Big Eye Syndrome.


The woman has rotated her head to her left,


in order to focus her right eye on the camera.


“Big Eye Syndrome” is so named because the one of the eyes of the afflicted individual will look like it is much larger than the other eye. The circled area in the next picture encloses the enlarged left right “Big Eye”.


Many people have difficulty accepting masturbation can affect the eyes or any other part of the body. These people feel that masturbation can only affect the genitalia because those are the body parts involved in sexual activity.

There are other people all over the world that are aware that masturbation, along with Excessive Sex, Homosexuality, Excessive Exercise, Injection Of Drugs, Snorting Of Drugs, Anorexia, and Analytical Thought are all associated with the development of what Happeh Theory calls “Big Eye Syndrome”. Proof of that claim can be found in the behavior of people who are either aware or unaware that a camera is taking their picture.

Please examine the man in the following picture.


His head is rotated to his right,


in order to focus his left eye on the camera. 


Don’t the man and the woman look exactly the same,


except their heads are turned opposite directions?


The woman’s Big Eye and the area around the eye of the man that resembles a Big Eye are circled in the next picture.


The alert reader should have pounced on the phrase “the area around the eye of the man that resembles a Big Eye” in the previous sentence. Although the man looks exactly like someone with a case of Big Eye Syndrome, he doesn’t actually have a case of Big Eye Syndrome. He has posed himself that way on purpose. He has not posed himself that way unconsciously or involuntarily like the woman has.

Why would the man want to give anyone the impression he had Big Eye Syndrome?

Because posing like that makes him attractive to people who really do have Big Eye Syndrome. The man is a media person who wants to grow his fan base, so he is doing what he feels will grow his fan base. Pose like a person with Big Eye Syndrome so all the people who really do have Big Eye Syndrome will think he is one of them.

This post is titled “Man Mocking Big Eye Syndrome”. It is not titled “Man purposefully looking like he has Big Eye Syndrome to grow his fan base”. Why?

Because there is another less benign reason the man has made himself look like he has Big Eye Syndrome. A “normal” human being can make themselves look like they have Big Eye Syndrome as the man in the picture is doing to insult people who really do have Big Eye Syndrome. The insult is “See this face I am making? You are an unbalanced person with Big Eye Syndrome. Your weird looking face looks just like the weird looking face I am making at you”.