Man Mimicking How A Right Hand Masturbation Changed Upper Body Looks


The man in the picture above is demonstrating how a masturbation changed individual can look to an outside observer. This blog entry will point out the various details of the man’s pose that are indicative of masturbation caused body changes.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will change the human body in various ways that are dependent on the way the individual masturbates. It is important to keep in mind that there are other actions that can cause the same changes to the body that are caused by masturbation.

Excessive Exercise, Excessive Sex, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Anorexia, and Homosexuality, are all associated with the same kinds of changes to the body that are caused by masturbation.

A knowledgeable person can look at another human being and tell by the way their body looks, whether or not that body has been changed by masturbation. The man in the picture can “see the energy” of another human being, or see the physical changes that masturbation causes in another human body.

The accuracy of those claims is the pose the man is demonstrating. Isn’t that an odd looking pose? Why would the man pose for a photograph like that on purpose? Because that is exactly how a body changed by right hand masturbation will look.


What is it about the man’s pose that makes it look like a human body changed by right hand masturbation?

The man’s head is rotated to his right.


The rotation of the man’s head to his right brings his left eye to focus on the camera.


The positioning of the head gives the head the appearance it has a case of what Happeh Theory calls “Big Eye Syndrome”. Masturbation and the other activities previously mentioned will shrink the head in a roughly circular area around one of the eyes. The approximate shape of the big eye of the example man is demonstrated in this picture.


An individual who has a case of Big Eye Syndrome will also have other changes to their body that occur simultaneously with the development of a Big Eye.

Please notice how the man has brought his right hand up to his chin.


The fingers of his right hand are held in a specific way. The index and middle finger are curled to form a circle.


While the middle, ring, and pinky fingers are hanging so they curve downwards.


The man is holding his hand to his chin and holding his fingers the exact way that they are, because that is one of the linked changes that will occur in the body of a human being who has developed Big Eye Syndrome in the left eye.

The way in which the areas of the body changed by masturbation are linked is too complicated to explain and not the focus of this blog entry. The curious individual should think about the fact that the right hand is brought upwards towards the left side of the head that has been rotated forwards.


The reason that masturbation can make the head rotate to the right and the right hand move up to the chin so it points at the left side of the head is that right hand masturbation shrinks the right side of the head and torso.


The shrinkage of the right side of the head and torso means that the body can no longer maintain a proper balanced posture. The various muscles of the head and torso will be weaker or stronger on the shrunken right side of the body than they are on the left side of the body.

That imbalance between the forces acting on the head and body will make the head of a masturbating person rotate and give the arm a tendency to move up towards the face.

According to Happeh Theory, the man is making the example face for 3 possible reasons.

(1) – The man is mirroring whoever is interviewing him. People who can see energy will frequently show other people what they look like. The man could be making that posture to show the interviewer what the interviewer looks like to other people.

(2) – The man could be mocking people. Some people will mock other human beings whose bodies have been changed by masturbation or some other action. These people are motivated by negative desires and wish to insult or shame the individual whose posture they are mimicking.

(3) – The man could be trying to help people. The man could be making this particular posture to teach people how masturbation changes the human body. A curious and motivated individual will see the man’s posture and wonder why he is holding that posture. There are no external stimuli that are making the man hold that posture. The man must have some reason for holding that posture. What is it?

By taking that posture in a public photo the example man knows will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the example man is motivating the curious individual to begin an investigation that could lead to the curious individual learning about the Yin part of the human body, how it looks, and how various activities can change it.

Because the example man is posing for a photographer and interviewer, it would be reasonable to guess that the example man is making the posture he is to mimic what he sees in the body of either the photographer or the interviewer. It would also be reasonable to guess for reasons that will not be detailed, that his motivation for doing so is to show either the photographer or the interviewer in a positive way, what other people see when they look at the interviewer or the photographer.