Prove To Yourself Masturbation Affects Other Areas Of The Body

One of the most commonly cited reasons for disbelieving masturbation will blind and cripple  the human body, is the belief that masturbation only affects the genitals.

The reason why masturbation changes the arms, the legs, the eyes, or any other part of the body, is very complex. Many people would like to have something shown to them immediately that will prove masturbation of the genitals between the legs, really does change other parts of the body that are physically removed from the genitals by distances of inches or feet.

The following experiment should quickly and easily convince any interested individual, that masturbation of the penis can change a part of the body that is physically separated from the penis by a distance of inches or feet.

The most effective way to prove that masturbation changes the human body, is for a person to see or feel the changes themselves. That means an individual could masturbate and examine themselves for changes, or they could watch someone else masturbate, then examine that person for changes.

I would recommend the individual masturbate themselves because you cannot fool yourself. If you see and feel changes in your own body, you will be more convinced than if you see or feel the changes in the body of another person.


You might want to get some latex gloves, or you can use your hands depending on you. The first thing to do is to feel your butthole. The picture below shows what a butthole looks like.


The butthole is a circle of muscle that opens and closes an actual hole. That ring of muscle is enclosed within and surrounded by the rest of the buttocks. The next picture has a circle around part of the butthole.


That area can be thought of as the inner part of the circle of muscle that surrounds the butthole. When you feel the butthole, you will find that the circle of muscle that controls the butthole is largish. The next picture has another circle that approximately follows the outer boundary of the ring of muscle that surrounds the butthole.


When you feel the butthole, you should feel a ring of strongish muscle in approximately the location contained within the two circles above. The ring of muscle is under the skin of course. You should still easily feel the strongish muscle there, and be able to determine how strong it is, and exactly what it’s boundaries are.

You want to guage the strength and tension of the musculature of the butthole all around it’s circumference. Note and remember anything that catches your attention.


  1. Is there pain or discomfort at any point of the ring of muscle surrounding the butthole? A lot of pain? Or just a little bit of discomfort?
  2. Is the butthole relaxed and moves around like a trampoline?
  3. Is the butthole very hard and tight ?
  4. Is the tension in the ring of muscle surrounding the butthole equal at all points around the ring?
  5. Is there one section of the butthole that feels more relaxed or more tight than the rest of the butthole?


In the picture below, the outer boundary of the butthole muscle has been drawn differently.


The upper right of the boundary is bulged outwards. It is much farther away from the inner boundary than the rest of the outer circle is.

Are there any places on your butthole that feel like that?

Is there any part of the ring of muscle around the butthole that is very hard and bulges outwards as demonstrated in the picture above? Is there any part of the ring of muscle around the butthole that feels loose, like it could be pulled outwards as demonstrated in the picture above?

If there are changes to the circular shape of the muscle like the one demonstrated above, remember where they are and exactly what they felt like.


Prepare yourself in whatever manner you do for masturbation. The experiment requires that you masturbate as you usually do, up until the point that you ejaculate. When you reach the point where you feel you are about to ejaculate, you MUST stop masturbating.

DO NOT EJACULATE! If you ejaculate, the results of the experiment will be ruined!

Now repeat the examination of the butthole exactly as you did before. You want to see if masturbation up to the point of ejaculation, has changed the condition of the butthole from when you first examined it.

(1) – Is the butthole more relaxed compared to the first examination? How much more relaxed? Just a little bit? Or is it really loose?

(2) – Is the butthole now tighter than it was during the first examination? If the butthole is tighter than it was during the first examination, how much tighter is it? Just a little bit tighter? Or is it hard as a rock?

(3) If there was a bulge or distortion of the circular shape of the butthole, is that bulge or distortion smaller or bigger? Is the bulge gone completely? Maybe the butthole is now perfectly circular?

(4) If the butthole was mostly circular, is there now a bulge or distortion in the ring of muscle surrounding the butthole? If so, exactly where on the butthole is the bulge or distortion? What part of the body does the bulge or distortion point at? Does the bulge point to the left leg? The right leg? The back of the body? The front of the body?

(5) Is there any kind of pain or discomfort associated with this second examination of the butthole? If there is pain or discomfort, where around the ring of muscle surrounding the butthole is the pain? Why would there be pain in the butthole muscle after you masturbated?

(6) Is the butthole a completely closed circle of muscle? Is any part of the inner surface of the butthole exposed, or will some of it be exposed if you pull lightly on the area surrounding the butthole?

You should discover that the butthole has become tight. Masturbation will make the entire butthole tighter, or a section of the butthole tighter than it normally is.

The amount of tightness is usually related to the amount of time the person masturbates for. If they masturbate for a short time, the butthole will get a little bit tighter. If they masturbate for a long time, the butthole will get so hard that it can make the person constipated. The location of the tightness in the butthole is related to which hand is used for masturbation.

Whatever changes you found in your butthole after masturbating, you have proved to yourself that masturbation of your penis, which is severl inches away from your butthole, physically changed your butthole in the ways you noted.

If masturbation can make the butthole, which is inches away from the penis, become tighter than it was before masturbation, then it is reasonable to believe that masturbation could also make an arm, a leg, or an eye tight, causing the affected human being to become blind and crippled as claimed by Happeh Theory.


Possible problems with this experiment

Quick Ejaculation – If you are a person who masturbates for only a short amount of time before ejaculation, this experiment may not provide measurable results. Masturbation is like an exercise. If you exercise only a little bit, then the muscles that are exercising do not change very much. If you exercise for long periods of time, the exercising muscles get big and swollen.

If an inidividual masturbates for only a few minutes before they need to ejaculate, then the results of the experiment may be so mild as to be indetectable. This is not a fault of the experiment.

Becuase the individual only masturbated a very short time, the body did not have time for the expected changes to take place. Using the exercise analogy, masturbating a short period of time and wondering why the expected changes in the body did not appear, would be like lifting a weight up one time and then wondering why the muscle doesn’t look bigger. The exericise or the masturbation must go on long enough for the changes they cause in the body to appear.

The most dramatic and obvious results will occur if the subject masturbates for…….30 minutes or longer. 15 minutes or longer might be enough depending on the individual. 15 or 30 minutes of the physical exercise called masturbation, should be enough to cause noticeable masturbation exercise related changes to the butthole, that are obvious enough to be felt by even the untrained novice examiner.

One reader’s results – A reader who performed the experiment above reported that he noticed his stomach had visibly changed it’s appearance. The reader was in very good physical shape with a “six pack’ of stomach muscles.

The reader stated that after he performed the experiment described above, he only had a “five pack”. After masturbation, one of the slabs of muscle in his stomach had shrank so much that his stomach looked like it only had five slabs of muscle, instead of the normal six slabs of muscle.

This anecdotal story would imply that the curious individual performing the experiment described above, should also examine their stomach as well as their butthole, to see what changes if any have been caused by masturbation.