Right Hand Masturbation Caused Body Changes – Example 01

The face and body of the man in this picture have been changed by Right Hand Masturbation.


The left side of the head is rotating downwards,


which makes his head tilt to the left.


The right eye looks small and closed,


while the left eye looks wide open.


The right side of the man’s mouth is more open than the left side and the teeth protrude outwards more on the right.


The left side of the mouth looks dark, almost as if there is a hole there instead of teeth.


The man’s left shoulder is higher,


than his sloping downwards right shoulder.


All of those changes are caused by shrinkage of the right side of his body along and within the path shown in this picture.


To show that the previous bodily changes were not just showing up at that particular time and place, here is another image of the same man.


The shrinkage of the right side of his body means the right side of his head is not strong enough to prevent his head from rotating to his left. 


The right side of his head is so weak that the rotation to the left even makes the right side of his mouth distort as it rotates to the left.


Further evidence the right side of the head and body are shrunken are the folds of flesh in the right cheek, 


which are bunching up because the underlying musculature and other organic material that controls them and holds them smooth have shrunken and weakened.

The shrinkage of the right side of the body causes each eye to focus in a slightly different direction. 


And here is another picture that highlights some of the changes masturbation has caused to the man’s body


The small fingers of the man’s right hand are curled or hanging downwards.


The exact location of the arm and fingers are linked to the tilting of the head to the left,


which makes two images where the man displays a tendency to tilt his head to his left.


The opening of the man’s mouth looks closer to the right side of the mouth,


as it did in another of the example pictures of this man.


Individuals who are familiar with Yin and Yang development affects the appearance of the human body may feel that the man’s posture in the final image is because of the Yin development of his body. That is true to some extent.

It is the exact angle and location of his right arm and head, and the exact location and appearance of his mouth, that indicate masturbation has altered the appearance and alignment of this body.