Right Hand Masturbation Caused Body Changes – Example 02

This picture shows how Right Hand Masturbation caused body changes look when the affected individual is sitting down.


Right Hand Masturbation will shrink the right side of the body, makes the right shoulder look lower than the left shoulder, 


and gives both shoulders a “slanted down to the right” look.


The slanting of the shoulders makes the right arm


look longer than the left arm. 


The shrinkage of the right side of the body extends up into the head. Because the right side of the head is shrunken, it is to weak to hold the head up straight, so the tilts off to his left.


The shrinkage of the right side of the head includes the area around the right eye and the right eye itself.


The way the head rotates so it presents one eye more than the other is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature, because it makes the affected individual look like famous drawing from ancient Egypt that show people with only one eye.


The man’s right leg is locked straight out,


while the left knee is bent so the foot can rest on the ground.


The way the clothing worn by a person hangs on the body provides insight into how the body underneath that clothing is positioned. The man’s shirt is curved the way it is in the location indicated by the red line because it is following the boundary of the shrunken area of the right side of the man’s body


If that curve is extended along it’s natural lines, it encloses the circular area that has been most strongly affected by Right Hand Masturbation caused shrinkage.  


Right Hand Masturbation caused shrinkage also affects the right arm and hand. Those parts of the body have been enclosed and connected to the circular area shrunken by Right Hand Masturbation in the next picture.


The shape of the red enclosed area might look familiar. If not, then please inspect the following symbol which is called “The Yin Yang Symbol”.


The next picture shows the Yin Yang Symbol broken into two pieces along the wave line in the center of the symbol.


The shape Right Hand Masturbation caused shrunken area of the man’s body is similar to the shape of half of the Yin Yang symbol.



That is not a coincidence.