The Brain Penis View Of The Human Body – Unfinished

This material is a rough draft that has been posted so it is not forgotten. It is garbled right now. )

 The Brain Penis View of the body says that the effects of masturbation on the body can be described by the visual image of a long penis traveling down from each side of the head to the normal penis location at the groin. The picture below shows a frontal view of how this would look.


The red and blue objects represent a penis traveling from each side of the head out to the respective armpit. They follow along the side of the torso until they turn inwards at the waist. Each penis then follows the path of the inguinal canal over to the groin where they extends outwards in the normal penis location.

The picture below is a three quarter profile view that shows the ends of each long penis object sticking out from the groin like the normal penis.


The next picture is a full profile view of the man.


The penis objects are positioned in front of the body so they are visible for this demonstration. In real life, each penis would follow a similar path inside of the body. The picture above shows the penis originating approximately from below the ear. That is a reasonably accurate portrayal of it’s true origination point.

According to Happeh Theory, each of the penis objects is actually a collection of fibers that behave like a cable. The reason that they appear to originate below the ear and travel downwards is that they are the end of a spiral. Happeh Theory says that the fibers on each side of the head can take on a tight spiral shape. The free end of the spiral drops down to form each brain penis. The picture below shows how this would look.


The act of masturbation most commonly involves the hand holding the penis and moving back and forth. The hand behaves as if it is pulling on the penis. When something is pulled, that something moves in the direction of the pull, if it can. In the case of masturbation, the hand is pulling the penis outwards or away from the body. The penis cannot move because it is physically attached to the body.

In the picture below, the man has his right hand positioned on his penis as if for masturbation. The red arrow indicates the direction of the pulling force exerted on the penis during masturbation.


The Brain Penis View of the body says one way to explain the effects of masturbation on the body is to treat the brain penis as if it can move. When a person masturbates, the pulling force on the normal penis will cause the brain penis to act as if it is also being pulled. The arrows on the blue brain penis below indicate the direction of movement of the brain penis during masturbation.


Because each brain penis is anchored to the head, if the brain penis is pulled down towards the masturbating hand, the head would naturally be pulled downwards also. The human body will behave as if this is really happening in real life in response to the act of masturbation.

The most common and obvious symptoms of masturbation, not level shoulders, not level hips, different length legs, different length arms, one big eye and one small eye and shape distortion of the head are all caused by the pulling force of masturbation pulling the brain penis dowwards which in turn pulls the head downwards.

The path of each brain penis was laid out in a specific way. This was done on purpose. The shape of that pathway acts as a guide for the brain penis. It would be reasonable to think that the head would go straight towards the groin if the brain penis pulls it downwards. Like in the picture below.


In the picture above, the head has rotated on the neck to move as close as possible to the groin. The arrow indicates the downwards direction of the pull exerted on the head by the brain penis. The head does behave like this to some degree. The head only acts like the picture above in extreme cases of excessive masturbation. Usually the head will only move forwards and downwards to look generally like the picture below.


The reason that the head only moves far forwards and downwards in reaction to the pulling force is of the brain penis is because of the path the brain penis follows along the body. This path behaves like a guide. When the brain penis is pulled downwards, instead of the force going straight downwards from the head to the groin, the force follows a curve that resembles the path of the brain penis.


Instead of following the black arrow running straight from the head to the groin, the body reacts to the act of masturbation as if the brain penis is being pulled downwards along the curved path drawn in yellow. What this means is that instead of the brain penis only pulling the head down, the entire body along the path of the yellow curve will be subjected to the downwards pulling force.

To be explicit, the head, the shoulders, the arms, the side of the torso, the waist, the hips and the legs on the same side as the masturbating hand will all experience a downwards pulling force during the act of masturbation.

In fact, the real life effects of masturbation almost exactly match this description. A person who shows signs of excessive masturbation will usually have uneven shoulders. The shorter shoulder will be the shoulder of the masturbating hand.  A person who shows signs of excessive masturbation will usually have an uneven waist and hips. The hip on the same side of the body as the masturbating hand will appear shorter than the other hip.

The side of the torso on the same side of the masturbating hand will atrophy so that it usually appears shorter than the other side of the torso. The side of the head on the same side of the body as the masturbating hand will usually appear shorter than the opposite side of the head.

The progress of the effects of masturbation can be described in an interesting way using the Brain Penis View of the body. The body behaves almost as if each stroke of the masturbating hand pulls the side of the body down just a little bit more.

A person who does not masturbate much, lets say they pulled the brain penis downwards ten times, will appear mostly even on both sides of the body. Their postures will be generally erect. A person who masturbates a moderate amount could be likened to someone who had pulled the brain penis downwards one thousand times. Their body will be slightly unbalanced. They will favor one side of their body over the other. The person who is an excessive masturbator might have pulled on his penis ten thousand times. Because he has pulled his his head and the entire side of his body downwards so much, they tend to stay that way. One side of the body will be obviously smaller than the other. The person will obviously hunch over at the head or shoulders as part of their normal everyday posture.