The Effects of Masturbation On The Human Body Case Study 01 – Analysis and Commentary On Raw Descriptive Data – Part 04

This blog entry will extract and comment on the more useful material from Mr Smith’s description of his masturbation history, habits, and methods.

Commentary on the fourth page of the descriptive data provided by Mr Smith

(1) – another strange oddity that needs mention but I do not know why at this point is that I bat left handed and golf left handed.

Mr Smith has indicated that he is right hand dominant. That is why he feels it is odd that he bats and golfs left handed. Mr Smith has also stated that he masturbates left handed at this time.

It is not possible to tie this information in with the affects of masturbation on Mr Smith’s body so no comment can be made.

(2) – My dad is left handed. He has a noticeable centerline arc too. But I think that my dad’s goes the exact opposite direction of mine. His neck muscles are affected in the exact opposite manner too which i assume led to the head orientation and right ear being less developed like my left ear.

It is also not possible to comment on Mr Smith’s statement about his neck, his ear, or his father because no pictures are available of any of those subjects.