The Effects of Masturbation On The Human Body Case Study 01 – Analysis and Commentary On Raw Descriptive Data – Part 06

This blog entry will extract and comment on the more useful material from Mr Smith’s description of his masturbation history, habits, and methods.

Commentary on the sixth page of the descriptive data provided by Mr Smith.

Almost all of Mr Smith’s data in email number six was about his face and head. That data can be found through the link above. Mr Smith chose not to provide head and face pictures for privacy reasons so no comments can be made on those statements.

There was one comment in email number six that can be commented on.

(1) – On the right side of my chest, my chest hair seems less developed.

The next picture highlights a largish area on Mr Smith’s chest that appears to be completely bare of hair.


There is a much smaller rectangular area on the left chest that is not covered with hair.


According to Happeh Theory, masturbation can change the appearance of the hair anywhere on the body. It is possible that Mr Smith’s chest hair looks the way it does because of masturbation. Because of the subtlety of the changes masturbation causes that could have created the change in the growth pattern of his chest hair, it would be preferable to examine Mr Smith in person before definitively stating the current appearance of his chest hair is the result of masturbation.

What is more interesting about this picture than the pattern of hair covering the chest, is the large dark area highlighted in the next picture.


The dark area has the coloration of a bruise, which according to Happeh Theory it is. According to Happeh Theory, that bruising on the chest is indicative of bruising and trauma of the heart.

The heart is not located on the left side of the body as commonly thought. The heart is located more towards the center of the body as shown in the next picture.


The next picture compares the drawing of the heart location to the bruised area on Mr Smith’s chest.


Overlooking the difference in scaling between the two images, the bruise on Mr Smith’s chest is in almost the identical location to the heart drawing on the chest of the other man.


The existence of the bruise on Mr Smith’s chest and it’s location support the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation directly affects the heart. According to Happeh Theory one of the leading causes of heart attack is sexual exhaustion of the heart. Because western medicine does not know about the direct connection between sexual activity and the heart, they cannot diagnose it or treat it.

That means it is up to the individual to become aware of this information and use it to care for their own health. Masturbation or Excessive Sexual Activity is like trying to give yourself a heart attack.

Do you really want to do that?