Video Rebuttal To 1960′s Era Video Claiming “Nothing Is Wrong With Masturbation”

The video linked below is located on Youtube. It is a a response to a 60′s era video in which a man is reassuring a young boy that masturbation is harmless.

Response to masturbation testimonial

A webpage duplicate of the video is also provided for those who prefer to read, and for more leisurely study.


This video is a response to a documentary video about masturbation.

The masturbation documentary provides evidence that corroborates the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation damages the human body. This video response will detail the damage masturbation has caused to the subject of the documentary.

In the documentary video, a young man relates his feelings about masturbation to an older man. Please watch the following video clip of the young man talking about masturbation.

PLAY CLIP ( The video clip is not available in this webpage duplicate )

The video of the young man proves that masturbation damages the human body.

The most obvious change to the young man is the orientation of his head. Throughout the entire video, the man’s head is tilted to his left. This picture has a line drawn through the center of the head to emphasize the tilt of the head to his left.


One of the major signs of masturbation damage to the human body, according to Happeh Theory, is that the shoulders will become uneven. This picture shows that the right shoulder looks lower and straight, while the left shoulder looks higher and rounded.


According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will cause blindness in one eye. As emphasized in this picture, the man ‘s left eye looks smaller than his right eye. If the man continues to masturbate, the left eye will continue to shrink.


Masturbation will frequently cause one side of the face to look smaller than the other. In this picture, the right side of the man’s face looks slightly smaller than the left side of the face.


This man is an excellent example of the changes that masturbation can cause to the teeth. As this picture shows, there appears to be two large gaps in his teeth. The upper front teeth look crooked and distorted.


The gap in the front tooth is caused by a chip in the tooth. The exact place that his tooth has been chipped is determined by the changes caused to his body by masturbation.


Another one of the changes that masturbation causes to the body is the development of an uneven hairline. The hairline on the left side of this man’s head is obviously much further back than the hairline on the right side of his head.


This man also offers the opportunity to see the changes that can occur to the forehead. There are two protrusions on this man’s forehead.


According to Happeh Theory, the human body should be balanced from side to side. That means the two protrusions on the forehead should balance each other. As shown in this picture, the two protrusions on the forehead do not match each other.


The protrusion on the left side of the head is larger


and it appears to be higher than the protrusion on the right side of the head.


Finally, the overall look or impression of the man’s face is one of pain. In this picture, his face looks like it is saying “Oh that hurts!”.


His facial expression of pain is also caused by masturbation.

According to Happeh Theory, all of the changes to this man’s head are caused by masturbation. That claim is strengthened by the fact that this man is a self admitted masturbator.