Website Promoting “Harmless” Masturbation Uses Image Of Masturbation Changed Body On Front Page!

The Science and Medical community are so ignorant of the effects of masturbation on the human body, that they used a picture of a man whose body has been changed by masturbation on a website claiming masturbation is harmless!

 A picture of the webpage is shown below with a circle around the sentence that says masturbation is harmless.


That claim is funny in a sad kind of way because that same webpage includes a picture that proves that masturbation is harmful.


According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled. How many eyes does the man from the picture on the masturbation website have? Please take a moment to examine the picture below before you blurt out an answer.


The man of course has two eyes. But he looks like he only has one eye because the left eye is closed.


The left eye is closed because the man is developing masturbation caused blindness in his left eye.

The bodily changes that make the left eye look almost closed have also affected a large area around the left eye.


The name given to masturbation caused changes to the eye and the area around the eye is “Egyptian Eye”, because it makes the head look as if it has only one eye like well known historical drawings from ancient Egypt that show people with only one eye.


Another one of the common changes that masturbation makes to the human body is to cause the upper body to lean forward and the head to jut forward. The man in the picture is leaning forward.


Masturbation will also change the appearance of the mouth and teeth. Masturbation will give the lips a tendency to pull back and expose the teeth, and will give the teeth a tendency to jut or protrude from the mouth.


Although the man is probably smiling for the picture, the exact way that his smile looks, the exact location of his lips, and the exact look of his teeth, have the look of the mouth and teeth of a person whose body has been changed by masturbation.

The man on the front page of the masturbation website claiming masturbation is harmless, exhibits many of the common changes that masturbation makes to the human body according to Happeh Theory. A slowly going blind left eye, Big Eye Syndrome around the left eye, body changes resulting in a tendency to lean forward, and changes to the look of the mouth and teeth.

Because the masturbation changes to the head and face of this man are so obvious, it is extremely likely that a full body picture of the man would reveal many of the other changes that according to Happeh Theory, masturbation causes to the human body .

Scientists, the Media, and the Government, are lying when they say that masturbation is harmless. Their own propaganda on masturbation can be used to show that masturbation really does change the human body.