What is Sex?

Many people find it difficult to believe that masturbation can damage the human body. The reason for this is usually because of how the people visualize sex. It would be natural for people to visualize sex as the insertion of the penis into the vagina, the mouth, or the rectum. That description of sex is accurate as far as it goes, but it is not a useful description in terms of understanding the effects of sex on the rest of the body.

According to Happeh Theory, sex affects the entire human body. There are many different ways to describe or visualize how sex affects the entire body. This page will be devoted to either providing theoretical models with which to visualize how sex affects the entire body, or thought provoking material that should make the viewer question their visualization of how sex works.

The picture below is a picture showing intercourse between a man and a woman.


The penis of the man is partially inserted into the vagina of the woman. The woman’s hands are clasping her buttocks with the fingers spread wide. The woman’s anus has an elliptical shape from side to side. From the look of the anus, the woman’s hands are pulling her buttocks to the outside of her body.

This picture demonstrates what most people would commonly think sex is. The picture shows the human sex organs, a vagina and a penis, and shows those sex organs in the actual position necessary for intercourse to take place, with the penis partially inserted into the vagina.

According to Happeh Theory though, that is not all there is to sex. Sex affects the body in many many different ways. In fact, by manipulating this picture slightly, an image can be created that will provide some deep insight into both the construction and behavior of the human body, and how sex affects the human body.

The picture below is the same as the one above, with a small alteration.


There are now two eyes superimposed on the buttocks of the woman. Each eye is above the anus and below the penis. One eye is to the left of the vertical center of the penis / anus and one eye is to the right of the penis / anus.

If you look at that picture, it looks like a face doesn’t it? There are two eyes, and the anus is the mouth.


What about the penis though? The penis kind of spoils the picture doesn’t it?

The penis does not spoil the picture if you understand Happeh Theory. Where is the vagina in the picture? The vagina is above and in between both eyes. What is above and between both eyes in the human head? Many people would say that the forehead is above and between the eyes.

Some people would say that the third eye of a human being, is located above and in the center of the two normal eyes. The picture below provides an idea of what the third eye might look like.


That would mean that the vagina in the picture above is equivalent to the third eye on the head of a human being.


That would also mean that sex apparently involves the penis going in and out of the third eye.

(1) – What would be the implications of that?

(2) – What kind of effects would the penis having intercourse with the third eye induce in the human body?

(3) – How would the penis having intercourse with the third eye affect the head of a human being?

(4) – How would the penis having intercourse with the third eye affect the brain of a human being?


The picture below was used above to show the correspondence between the mouth and the anus.


A reader might have doubts about the claim that the mouth and the anus are connected. The reader might feel the correspondence between the pictures is nothing more than a curious coincidence that has no real meaning.

The next picture should give the doubting reader a reason to reconsider their opinions. The next picture shows a woman who has been engaged in anal sex.


The woman in the picture was undeniably engaged in anal sex. The claim being discussed here is that the anus is connected to the mouth. In the picture above, the woman’s anus is wide open from anal sex, and her mouth is also wide open.


The similar open state of both the mouth and the anus of the woman supports the claim that the mouth and the anus are connected.

The next picture compares the woman engaged in anal sex to the third eye picture.



A person who wanted a theoretical way to visualize how the mouth and the anus or the third eye and the vagina could be connected, would benefit from learning about The Worm View of the Human Body, and The Torus View of the Human Body, which are both theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory.

The two theoretical models are almost identical. The Worm View of the Human Body will probably appeal to people who think in normal everyday concepts, while The Torus View of the Human Body will appeal to scientifically minded individuals.