Who Is The Homosexual In This Picture01 – Entry 01

One of the people in the following picture is a homosexual. Please take a moment to examine the picture and see if you can determine who the homosexual is. The picture will expand to a bigger size if it is clicked on. Perhaps the bigger picture can help you make a conclusion.


Some readers will reach the correct conclusion without using observations about the women. Their thinking would be “the camera is focused on the blond woman, so she must be the homosexual. The line in the next picture highlights how the focus of the camera on the blond woman


Those people are correct. The blond is the homosexual. If you had not been told that in advance though, how could you know the blond is a homosexual and the other women are born females?

It is not that hard actually. Although the homosexual is a realistic female impersonator, there are a few observations that lead the observer to conclude the blond is actually a man. The first one is the chest. The homosexual’s chest is more up in the air and pushes outwards more than the chest of the women.


The homosexual’s left shoulder area is also thicker,


than the women’s left shoulder area.


The most obvious signs the blond is a homosexual are the condition of the head and eyes. The homosexual has what Happeh Theory has named “Gumby Head”. Gumby is a cartoon character whose head is slanted instead of level.


The homosexual’s head is slanted like Gumby’s head is slanted.


In contrast, the heads of the other women are mostly round.


The rotation to their right of the two women on the right side of the picture,


indicates they either have a mild case of Gumby Head, or they are developing a case of Gumby Head.

The homosexual is also exhibiting what Happeh Theory has named “Cyclopean Eye”, which is the name given to the tendency to look out of only one eye. The homosexual has a Left Cyclopean Eye.


Because the homosexual does not use the right eye so much, he does not care that his hair has fallen down in front of it and is blocking it’s vision.


The faces of the other women are mostly unobscured with both eyes visible.


The reader needs to be aware that women can have Gumby Head and Cyclopean Eye. Just because a female has Gumby Head and Cyclopean Eye does not instantly signify the “female” is really a homosexual posing as a woman.

The first example in this series was a man who also had Cyclopean Eye.


This comparison picture shows how the Cyclopean Eye of the self declared homosexual looks like the Cyclopean Eye of the man in the first example.


That picture demonstrates how it is impossible to hide homosexuality. The body of a human being who is homosexual or a masturbator will change in specific ways that anyone can see. Knowledgeable people who know that Gumby Head, Cyclopean Eye, and other body changes are associated with homosexuality, can pick homosexuals out of a groups of people with almost 100% accuracy.