Who Is The Homosexual In This Picture01 – Entry 01

It is usually quite easy to spot homosexuals or people who masturbate because they exhibit one of the body changes Happeh Theory claims are associated with Homosexuality and Masturbation. Please examine the following picture. The look of the body of at least one of the three young men in the picture indicates he is a homosexual or a masturbator.


One of the most noticeable body changes found in homosexuals and masturbators is what Happeh Theory calls “Big Eye Syndrome”. Big Eye Syndrome is the result of shrinkage of the face around one of the eyes. The shrinkage of the face around the eye makes the eye itself look like it is bigger than it really is. The affected individual will also exhibit a tendency to look out of the Big Eye, instead of looking out of both eyes normally.

Keeping that explanation in mind, examination of the man on the left,


reveals that both of his eyes are looking at the camera,


and his head is facing square into the camera.


Those two facts make it unlikely that the man on the left is the homosexual or masturbator in the picture.

Examination of the man on the right,


reveals both of his eyes are both looking at the camera,


and his head is also facing squarely into the camera.


Those two observations mean it is unlikely the man on the right is the homosexual or masturbator.

That leaves the man in the middle as the only one left who could be the homosexual or masturbator. The appearance of his body corroborates the results of the process of elimination. 

Although both of the eyes of the man in the middle can be seen,


more of his right eye is visible.


The particular look of the right eye is what Happeh Theory calls “Egyptian Eye”. As stated previously, “Egyptian Eye” is caused by the shrinkage of the face around the affected eye. The area around the man’s right eye that fits the description of “Egyptian Eye” is circled in this picture.


The head of the man in the middle is also not square to the camera. His head is rotated to his left, 


which puts his face to the left,


of the back of his head.


The mouth of the man in the middle is open in a way that is indicative of what Happeh Theory calls “Cigar Mouth”. 


“Cigar Mouth” was so named because the way the mouth of the individual hangs open looks like they are smoking a cigar.


The man in the middle is also exhibiting one of the other most obvious signs of homosexuality or masturbation, which has been named “Unconscious Masturbation”. According to Happeh Theory, when people who masturbate are relaxed or stressed, they will tend to assume the same posture they do when they masturbate.

The man in the middle is holding his right hand in a way,


that looks just like a man masturbating his penis.


For those who are truly interested in this material, the look of the left eye of the man on the right,


is how early stage Big Eye Syndrome looks like. See how his left eyebrow has been pulled higher upwards than his right eyebrow because of masturbation caused face shrinkage?


His head and body are also very slightly slanting down to his right,


which is indicative of right hand masturbation.

After a few more years of masturbation, the man on the right will have the same “Egyptian Eye” look of the man in the middle.