Nov 052013

This blog entry provides a video example of an Excessive Exercise caused Cyclopean Eye featuring the man in this picture.


The man in the example video clip is strong and physically skilled. In the following video clip though, only one of his eyes is visible.

The natural first instinct is to say “the only reason the man looks like he has one eye is because his hair is cut so it mostly covers the left eye”.  While that statement is true, it is not very thorough. Why is the man’s hair cut so it covers his left eye? Why would anyone have their hair purposefully cut in a way that would obscure the vision of one of their eyes?”

One possibility is that the hair hanging in front of the left eye does not interfere with the vision of the left eye because the left eye is mostly blind. That is in fact the case according to the author of this blog. The hairdresser can also tell the man is mostly blind in his left eye, and has purposefully cut his hair to obscure the left eye and left side of the face to make him more attractive.

Some readers might be wondering how exercise, which is generally regarded as healthy for the body, can change the body in the same negative way Masturbation or Excessive Sex will change the body. The reason is quite simple actually. It is because all three activities affect the kidneys. Excessive Sex and masturbation exhaust the kidneys in a negative way. Excessive Exercise also exhausts the kidneys but without the same debilitating effects associated with masturbation or excessive sex.

The various other symptoms associated with the development of Big Eye are different depending on which activity has caused the Big Eye. An individual with an Excessive Sex or Masturbation caused Big Eye will exhibit different symptoms from those exhibited by an individual with an Excessive Exercise caused Big Eye.

For instance Excessive sex and Masturbation caused Big Eyes are more frequently accompanied by mental problems than Excessive Exercise caused Big Eyes. Individuals with an excessive exercised caused Cyclopean Eye usually exhibit a tendency towards malicious behavior that traverses the spectrum from “innocent” on the low end, all the way up to behavior that would fit the definition of sadism on the high end.

A Cyclopean Eye is just one symptom of an underlying health problem affecting the body. Another one of the symptoms of that underlying health problem is the impairment of the ability to feel emotions. That is why individuals’ with an excessive exercise caused Cyclopean Eye tend to want to hurt other people.

When the Cyclopean Eye sufferer hurts another person, the victim will respond by emitting strong emotions or energy. The emotionally impaired Cyclopean Eye sufferer can feel those strong emotions and strong energy, even through their impaired body.

The Cyclopean Eye sufferer will then begin to consistently hurt other human beings, because it is the only way they can feel emotions that the excessive exercised caused condition of their body prevents them from feeling.

Support for that claim comes from the behavior of the example man in the video clip, a man described as having an Excessive Exercise caused Cyclopean Eye. The man spends the entire movie hurting people and causing trouble, as predicted and explained by the statements of the previous paragraphs.

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