Cyclopean Eye Analysis 02

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation and other activities listed elsewhere in this blog will make a human being blind in one eye. One name for this condition is “Cyclopean Eye” because the affected individual looks like they only have one eye like the legendary creature known as “Cyclops”.


Here is the example individual for this blog entry.


The woman looks like she has only one eye.


The eye affected by blindness of this individual is the right eye.


What justification is there to claim the woman’s right eye has been affected by blindness? One justification is the way her hair covers up the right eye. Why would a human being allow one of their eyes to be covered up by their hair, or anything else for that matter? The only reason that makes any sense is that the eye already acts like it is blind. so the hair blocking the eye doesn’t bother it.

The condition known as “Cyclopean Eye” can also be described a different way by focusing on the fact that one eye is bad instead of good. If the bad eye is focused on instead of the good eye, that condition is known in Happeh Theory nomenclature as either “Egyptian Eye” or “Big Eye Syndrome”. ( The naming is still in a state of flux. ).

This picture highlights the area around the individuals right eye that would be called “Egyptian Eye” or described as having “Big Eye Syndrome”.


This case of Cyclopean Eye is either Age or Excessive Exercise related. The woman is relatively young so it could be a youth related Cyclopean Eye. If that was the case, the woman’s right eye should improve in vision and appearance as she ages.

The example individual is also a singer who is physically active on a stage. For that reason, Excessive Exercise is the more likely reason for the changes to her body that have produced a Big Eye. It is of course possible that the changes to her body are a combination of Excessive Exercise and youth.

The bodies of individuals with Cyclopean Eye will always be changed in other ways. The ways in which the body changes are directly related to the condition of the Cyclopean Eye, because Cyclopean Eye is actually a symptom of changes within the body.

One of those associated changes will be a tendency to rotate the head for no apparent reason, as this individual’s head is rotated to their left.


Another commonly found body change are shoulders that are not the same height


which gives both shoulders together a slanted look.