Nov 062013

According to Happeh Theory, Masturbation, Age, Excessive Sex, and various other activities will all cause the head to shrink in a way that will make the affected individual behave as if they only have one eye, a condition known as “Cyclopean Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature, which was named after a mythical creature known as a “Cyclops” that has only one eye.


The example individual for this blog looks has an obvious “Cyclopean Eye”,


because her hair covers up her right eye,


which leaves only one eye, or a “Cyclopean Eye” visible.



Some readers will feel the hair is only covering the right eye for fashion reasons, and not because the body of the individual has changed in some way that has affected the vision in the right eye. That line of reasoning does not hold up under examination because it is a fact that most human beings with normal vision in both eyes will try to avoid anything that impairs their vision. The fact the woman is not avoiding the hair apparently blocking the vision of her right eye reinforces the claim the right eye has poor vision, so it does not really care if something is in front of it or not.

Further supporting evidence the right eye has impaired vision is that vision impairment of one eye is one of the known changes that can be caused by Masturbation and the other activities listed on the website. That vision impairment is accompanied by an apparent expanding of the affected eye and socket to some much larger than normal size. That condition is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature.

The example individual’s face gives the impression that it’s Right Cyclopean Eye is approximately the size highlighted in this picture. 


Egyptian Eye is caused by a shrinkage of the same side of the body as the Egyptian Eye is located on. Supporting evidence the individual really does have a Right Egyptian Eye comes from the observation that the coverage of the right side of the individual’s face by their hair makes the amount of the right side of their face that is visible smaller, 


than the amount of the left side of the face that is visible.


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