Egyptian Eye Analysis 01

Egyptian Eye Analysis 001

The woman in the picture below has an Excessive Sex related case of Egyptian Eye.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. The rest of the post below will refer to the condition as “Cyclopean Eye” until the naming situation is resolved )


The fact the women in the example picture is behaving in an sexually suggestive manner by sticking her tongue out of her mouth makes it difficult to argue that her appearance of her body is currently affected in some way by sex. The fact that she is the kind of woman who would stick her tongue out of her mouth to be sexually suggestive supports the claim her body has been changed over time by Excessive Sex. 

As with the the picture of the man with Cyclopean Eye from the previous post,


this woman looks like she has only one eye because her hair has been cut so that it obscures the other eye.


Some percentage of the people reading this material will argue that both eyes of both individuals are fine. They would argue that the people only look and behave like they have one eye because their hair has been cut so it covers the other eye. 

The author disagrees with that apparently obvious conclusion. It is the position of the author that the hair of both people was cut to cover one eye because the covered eye is partly blind. By covering the partially blind eye with hair, the hair stylist makes both individuals look better. Instead of seeing one good eye and one bad eye when you look at either individual, you see one good eye and you assume the other eye is good too, but it is just happens to be covered by their hair.

Readers who doubt that reasoning need to ask themselves a question. Wouldn’t it bother you if one of your eyes were covered up? Your vision would be thrown off because you could only see out of one eye.

Why aren’t the man and the woman bothered by the hair covering one of their eyes? The only logical conclusion is that they are not bothered by the hair in front of the eye because that eye does not work properly. An eye that does not work properly is an eye that is “blind”.