Egyptian Eye Analysis 06

The cause of this example of Egyptian Eye is not certain.

( The naming of this condition is in flux as of 11-2013. The rest of the post below will refer to the condition as “Cyclopean Eye” until the naming situation is resolved )


The woman is an actress which could mean it is a drug related Cyclopean Eye. The woman also has the look of a person who exercises though. The developed look of her body makes it more likely the cause of her Cyclopean Eye is excessive exercise and not drugs.

The Cyclopean Eye for this example is a moderate case. The claim is supported by the fact the woman’s hair only partially obscures her right eye instead of completely covering it.


Readers who have looked at previous examples of Cyclopean Eye should have noticed some things in common with almost all of the examples.

The heads of almost all of the example Cyclopean Eyes are all rotated or twisted,


and their shoulders are slanted from high on one side to low on the other side.


The rotation of the head is caused by shrinkage of the body and the head. The shrinkage of the right side of the woman’s head from the top of her head down towards her body, has created an “empty” space approximately in the area indicated by the circle on the following picture.


That “empty”space is responsible for causing the woman’s head to turn. The shrunken right side is not strong enough to hold the woman’s head stable in the straight ahead position.

That empty space can be thought of as the inverse of a Cyclopean Eye. A Cylopean eye is where the vision focuses. In order to focus the vision through one eye, the vision of the other eye is “sucked out” of the other side of the head and added to and compounded with the eye that has Cyclopean Eye.

That “sucking out” of the vision of one eye in order to add it to the other eye will always distort the shape of the head. The head will look like the side of the head with the eye that had it’s vision “sucked out”, had the meat and filling sucked out of it and added to the other side of the head.

The side of the head with the Cyclopean eye will look fattish and bulging in comparison, because it has had the mass of the other side of the head added to itself.