Egyptian Eye Analysis 09

Egyptian Eye Analysis 009

Masturbation and other activities can cause many physical changes to the human body. One of those changes is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. “Egyptian Eye” is caused by shrinkage of the head surrounding the affected eye. That head shrinkage makes the affected eye look like it is at the center of a circle that is much larger than the circle of the eye socket.

Please examine this image which shows a very clear case of “Egyptian Eye”.


 Some readers may feel that the eyes in the example picture look like normal eyes, and that neither of them look like what has been described as an “Egyptian Eye”.  Here is a what an individual who has an extremely mild case of “Egyptian Eye” looks like. 


Now compare the two individuals to each other while looking for signs of what has been described as “Egyptian Eye” in the man on the left.


The comparison picture should immediately highlight the fact the left eye of the man on the left side of the comparison picture,


looks like it is about as big as the circle in this picture.


Some readers might still have difficulty seeing any shrinkage around the left eye. Those readers might be convinced by the fact that in addition to bodily shrinkage reducing the area around the left eye, it also seems to make the entire head of the man with the Left Egyptian Eye smaller and misshapen,


compared to the rounded and quite large head of the man who has a very mild case of Egyptian Eye.