Egyptian Eye Blindness Introduction

“Egyptian Eye” is the name given by Happeh Theory to the blindness caused by certain activities. Those physical activities include Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Anorexia, Homosexuality, and Analytical Thought. Egyptian Eye can also be a by product of aging or various health problems.

“Egyptian Eye Blindness” results from the majority tightening and shrinking of one of the eyes. The phrase “majority tightening” needs to be stressed because masturbation will tighten and shrink both eyes. Instead of tightening and shrinking both eyes evenly though, the tightening and shrinking is unbalanced, usually towards the eye on the same side as the hand that is used for masturbation.

The vision in the eye that shrinks and becomes tight will continue to degrade as long as masturbation is engaged in. At some point in time dependent on the frequency and severity of masturbation, the eye with degraded vision can behave as if it is completely blind.

That last sentence purposefully said “can behave as if it is completely blind”, because an eye test may reveal that the eye has some vision or even good vision. That might seem confusing. How can an eye test rate the eye as being able to see, yet Happeh Theory claims that eye is blind?

Egyptian Eye Blindness affects what is called the “Field Of View” of the eye. “Field Of View” is name give to the entire area the eye can see. A normal eye might be able to see 180 degrees around it. Egyptian Eye Blindness shrinks the FOV so much that a normal eye might have it’s FOV reduced to 20 degrees or less.

An example of how an eye test and a reduced FOV are related follows.

We agree the FOV of one of the eyes of an example individual has been reduced to 45 degrees by Masturbation.


If that individual takes an eye test and the eye chart is anywhere within the 45 degree FOV of the individual,


the test results will say the eye is fine.

But if the eye chart was moved to either the left


or right of the 45 degree angle the eye can see,


the test results would show a much lower score.

Egyptian Eye Blindness does affect the vision of the eye in addition to Field Of View changes. The changes to the actual vision of the eye usually occur in more severe cases of Egyptian Eye Blindness.

Egyptian Eye Blindness can be very easy to spot. Usually the entire head around the affected eye will have changed shape and size. Additionally, the affected individual will rotate their head to focus the Egyptian Eye on the object of their interest, like the woman in the next picture is focusing her right eye on the camera.