Gumby Head Introduction

Gumby is a cartoon character whose head was diagonal on top, instead of horizontally level. The following picture shows what Gumby looks like. The red line emphasizes the slope of Gumby’s head from high on the left to low on the right.


According to Happeh Theory, Gumby’s slanted head was based on real life human beings with slanted heads. According to Happeh Theory, a Gumby Head can be caused by Masturbation, Homosexuality, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Injecting or Snorting of Drugs, and Anorexia.

What motivated the cartoon designers to create a character with a slanted head? Was it whimsy? Was it a conscious attempt to be unique? Was it humor?

According to Happeh Theory, Gumby is based on real life people who have slanted heads. According to Happeh theory, the head of real life human beings can be slanted ether from high on the left to low on the right like Gumby’s head, or from high on the right to low on the left.

What causes Gumby head? Most scientists would probably claim it was a factor of birth. That person was born with a Gumby Head and that is why they have a Gumby Head as an adult. Adventurous scientists might even claim Gumby Head was some kind of genetic mutation or genetics related development.

According to Happeh Theory, Gumby Head is most often the result of physical forces acting on the body. Gumby Head can be present in a baby at birth. Gumby Head is also associated with underdeveloped or immature human bodies and the usage of drugs. According to Happeh Theory though, the majority of all Gumby Heads are caused by physical forces acting on the body.

Physical forces applied to the body by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Homosexuality, and Anorexia are all strongly associated with the development of Gumby Head.

Gumby Head does not have to be the result of something that could be described as negative or harmful. Excessive Exercise was said to be one of the activities that was associated with Gumby Head. It is common sense then to suspect that exercise that is not excessive would develop a very mild case of Gumby Head, which is the case according to Happeh Theory.

Please take a moment to examine the following picture showing two men shaking hands.


The head of the man on the left is level as a normal human head should be.


The man on the right has a Gumby Head. His head is slanted from high on his left to low on his right.


The cause of this particular Gumby Head would most likely be a homosexuality associated Gumby Head. Or it could possibly be birth related.

The picture below shows a woman whose head is undeniably slanted from high on the left to low on the right.


The cause of this particular case of Gumby head is hard to determine. Most likely it is the result of an improperly developed or immature body, although it is possibly an Excessive Sex caused Gumby Head.

The picture below shows a man whose head has a moderate slant from high on the right to low on the left.


The cause of this cause of Gumby head is most likely sexual related. That conclusion is the result of experience and the other changes exhibited by his head. Experience teaches that the man’s shrunken left eye and left side of the face,


which makes the left eye look like it is about as big as the circle in this picture,


and the tilting of his head to the right,


are all bodily changes that are frequently found in the body of homosexuals.