Nov 132013

The individual in the picture below was sentenced to jail for murdering someone with an axe. 


Lines are then drawn from the rectangle surrounding the face to the sides of the face.


This picture is even more different that all of the previous examples. The entire face is brightly lit because this is a police mug shot. There dark areas or shadows in a face that provide clues to the condition of the face and body are not present.

The next photo has the boundaries of both sides of the face drawn in.


The boundaries of a face are one of the main clues to what changes have taken place. Because of the bright lighting, the boundaries that are drawn on the picture following the bright areas of the face are not the actual boundaries of the face. The actual boundaries and the man’s face would reveal that it is obviously distorted. 

Those actual boundaries are drawn on the picture on the right below. Those are the boundaries that can be seen by the experienced person regardless of the amount of light illuminating the face.


The next picture compares the axe murderer to a relatively healthy self declared homosexual man on the left.


The reason for identifying the man on the left as a self professed homosexual is that it explains the very slight shift to the left of the circle on his face.  The circle on the face of the axe murderer is mostly centered on his face.

Since murdering someone with an axe would take both physical and mental strength, those two observations lead to the tentative conclusion that Homosexuality is associated with a movement of the circle of the face away from the center of the face, while physical and mental strength are associated with a circle on the face that is centered on the face. 

List of observations that can be made about the example head

The  head appears relatively straight on his body.


Although the head looks straight, the face looks slanted. The lower half of the face looks like slanted to his right as highlighted by the arrow.


The left side of his face has shrunken. 


The visible area of the right side of the face is larger than the visible area of the left side of the face. Recall that we are using the circle around the face instead of the entire face for this particular operation.


There is more of the left ear visible than there is of the right ear.


The man’s entire mouth has shifted to his right.


The left side of the face has shifted down and to his right.


The left eye looks larger.

Head_Analysis_05-LeftFaceDownRight Head_Analysis_05-LeftEyeAppearsLarger

The bone structure of the eye sockets have not changed. The feeling that is conveyed by the eye socket on the leftt is different from normal. The right eye socket looks mostly like a natural eye socket. The outer edge of the eye socket looks like it has dropped downwards and stretched out of proper shape.

The hair is more receded on the left side of the head.  


Educated Observations

There is a bright area on the forehead whose shape is enclosed by the yellow line.


That bright spot should have a circular or elliptical shape and be centered in the middle of the forehead. The shape is neither circular nor elliptical, nor is it centered on the forehead. In fact, the entire connected area is approximately as shown in this picture.


That area is smaller than it should be, it is irregularly shaped or malformed, and it has shifted from the center of the forehead down and over into his right eye.

The thinking of a human being is influenced by the location of the bright area on their forehead. If the bright area is in the center of the forehead in it’s normal location the person will think in a balanced and normal way. If the circle has shifted to some other location, the thinking of the individual will change in a way that is directly related to where the bright area moves to. 

Recall the man is an axe murderer. In light of the claim that the location of the bright area on the forehead is related to the thinking of a human being, and the fact the man’s bright forehead area has moved down and to his right, it seems reasonable to wonder if the shrinkage and movement of the bright spot on the man’s forehead down to his right changed his thinking in such a way that he felt he needed to commit murder.

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