Head Analysis 08

The example head for this blog entry is shown in the picture below.


Lines are then drawn on the picture connecting the enclosing rectangle to the outline of the well lit area of the face.


The border between the well lit and dark area of the face is highlighted in this picture.


Observations about the head

The man’s head tilts slightly to his right.


The visible areas of the face on this person are almost even on both sides of the face.


There is slightly more of the left ear visible than there is of the right ear.


 The right side of his mouth is slightly lower than the left side.


The right cheek looks more rounded and smaller than the flattish are larger looking left cheek.


The right eye looks smaller then the left eye.


The shape of the right side of the nose is distorted compared to the left side of the nose.


The top of the head has a lump or a flattish peak on it.


Educated Observations

The flattened peak on the head will be discussed first.


According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory, all human beings have a pyramid inside of their body that is located approximately as shown in this picture.


The peak of the pyramid extends up above the top of the head.


which means what looks like a flat spot on top of the man’s head,


is actually the base of the pyramid peak that extends up above his head.



The left eye looks more closed than the right eye.


The eyelid on the right side looks normal and naturally flat. The eye lid on his left has a ridge in it, and it looks puffy.


The left side of the neck looks taller than the right side of the neck.


The area of the face to the left of the line in this picture looks flattened out.


The next picture compares all four of the previous observations.


The exact look of each of those changes and the fact that all of them have occurred indicates the head of this individual has been changed by Right Hand Masturbation. Right Hand Masturbation shrinks the right side of the body, which pulls all of the body towards itself. That pulling stretches the left side of the body which produces changes like the flat looking left side of the face. 

Masturbation will cause the body to shift to one side or the other. His entire head has shifted slightly to his right as indicated by the lump on his head, the tilting of the neck, the mismatch of the eyes, and the receded left side of the face.


The hair looks messy and distorted in one particular area on the left side of the head.


Masturbation will also affect the way the hair looks and grows. The location of the messy hair and the slight bruising of the skin that can be seen in that same area are confirming observations that this individual’s bodily changes are the result of Right Hand Masturbation.