Head Analysis 10

The example head for this blog entry is shown in the picture below.


Lines are then added to the picture that connect the surrounding rectangle to the edges of the well lighted part of the face.


The line in the next picture follows the boundary between the well lighted and dark parts of the face.


What is the point in highlighting the boundary between the light and dark areas of the face? Because according to Happeh Theory, the will lighted areas of the face represent the healthy part of the face, while the dark area is the unhealthy part of the face. Knowing where the boundary between the two is located provides various insights into the individual, such as what the cause might be for the unhealthy dark area of the face.

Observations about the example head

The head tilts to the individual’s left.


The visible area of the right side of the head is larger than the visible area of the left side of the head.


Only the right ear is visible.


The right side of the mouth is higher than the left side of the mouth.


The right cheek appears to be larger and more rounded than the left cheek.


The left eye looks larger than the right eye.


The entire face looks like it is curved in a way similar to the curved line in the picture.


There is what appears to be a large bump or bruised area on the left side of his forehead.


There is another bump or swollen area over his right eye.


Educated Observations

Th picture of the current example man is frightening if you understand it’s implications. Why is the picture frightening? First you need to examine the following picture which compares a homosexual man on your left, the man in the middle picture who displays the bodily changes associated with Masturbation, and the current example individual on your right.


Then you need to know that the man on your right literally has no left leg. It was cut off.

So why is that frightening?

Because a man who literally has no left leg also has an atrophied and darkened left side of the face, which implies that the bodies of the homosexual man and the man whose body is changed by masturbation, who both have atrophied and comparatively darkened left sides of the faces, are behaving as if they have no leg.

Which is exactly what is happening according to Happeh Theory.

According to Happeh Theory, Homosexuality and Masturbation will change a human body so it behaves as if it has only one leg. And this picture showing a homosexual, a masturbator, and a man who really has no left leg, all of whom look similar, proves that claim.