Nov 202013

The man in the picture below is a self professed homosexual. 


All of the changes to his body are the result of Right Hand Masturbation. The main observation leading to that conclusion is the leaning to the right of his head.


The head also rotates towards the smaller right side of the body.


The man’s face has a look called “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. “Egyptian Eye” is the name given to a tendency to look out of one eye like the homosexual individual is looking mainly out of his left eye.


“Egyptian Eye” was so named because the affected individual looks like one of the subjects of drawings from ancient Egypt.


“Egyptian Eye” is caused by shrinkage of the organic material surrounding the eye, so there are varying degrees of severity of Egyptian Eye that are determined by how large the Egyptian Eye seems. This individual’s Egyptian Eye is approximately as big as the circle in this picture.


If a line is drawn down the center of the face,


the right side of the face is obviously smaller,


than the left side of the face.



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