Homosexuality is Associated With a Misaligned Energy Body 01

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have what is commonly referred to as an energy body. The energy body should be an exact duplicate of the physical body that is centered and aligned on the physical body. The energy body of a human being can change size or shape, it can move away from the center of the physical body, or it can move away from it’s proper alignment on the physical body.

Changes to the energy body are almost always accompanied by a related change in the physical body. Those changes can be so obvious they are visible to the untrained eye, or they can be so subtle that only the trained eye can see them.

Homosexuality is almost always associated with some type of change to the energy body. This blog entry provides an example of a homosexual individual whose energy body is no longer a duplicate of their physical body. This picture shows the example individual.


Please take a moment to examine the picture and form an initial impression. Some readers will be able to see what is happening with the woman’s energy body immediately. Other readers may not because they do not have not trained themselves to see the energy of another human body. 

It was previously stated that energy body changes are almost always accompanied by changes to the physical body. Therefore a reasonable first logical step in figuring out what is happening with the woman’s energy body, is to list the visible changes to her physical body.

The woman is leaning back and to her right.


Her head has tilted down to her right.


She has rotated her heads to look towards the camera.


If a line is drawn along the center of her face,


the left side of the face looks larger and brighter,


while the right side of the face looks smaller and darker.


The rotation and tilting of her head make it look like she only has one ear, the left ear.


The right side of her body has rotated forwards,


which puts her right shoulder in front of and lower than her left shoulder,


and makes both shoulders look slanted down to her right.


Her right hand is raised up in front of her body.


There is a dark hole in the right side of her mouth.


The point of listing all of those bodily changes was to see if knowing how her physical body has changed would help in determining what is going on with the woman’s energy body.

Please examine the original unaltered picture again to see if listing all of the physical changes to the woman’s body helps you to see her energy body, or helps you to intuit what the woman’s energy body must be doing.


 If you still do not see anything, try looking at the following smaller picture. It is sometimes easier to see what the energy of a human body is doing in a small picture.


If you don’t see anything in the picture that tells you about the woman’s energy body, then you have to go back to the clues that were provided. Wasn’t there something in common that all of the listed body changes had?

All of the changes to the woman’s body are to her right side. Her body leans right,


her head is tilted right,


her right shoulder is lower than her left shoulder,


there is a hole in the right side of her mouth,


her right hand is raised,


and there is no right ear visible.


One of the characteristics of the energy body/physical body relationship is that the physical body will always try to follow the movements of the energy body. So if all of the woman’s physical body changes are to her right, 


and the physical body always tries to follow the energy body, then the woman’s energy body must have moved to her right.

The current location of the woman’s energy body is on her right side as predicted by the physical changes her body exhibits.  It’s approximate location is shown in this picture.


The changes to the physical body that occur when the energy body becomes misaligned are due to shrinkage of the physical body. That means the boundary between the physical body and energy body can initially be determined by looking for a boundary between the normally sized parts of the body and the shrunken parts of the physical boundary.

The easiest observation to use to find the boundary between the normally sized and shrunken areas of a particular body is where the hair is parted. The exact location the hair is parted and the way it flows on either side of the part can be used to determine the boundary between the shrunken and normally sized areas of the physical body.

The woman’s hair is parted on the left side of her head.


That particular location of the part in her hair and the way it flows on either side of the part indicate the boundary between the shrunken right side of her body and the rest of her body is shown in this picture.


Corroboration for the claim that line is the boundary between the shrunken and normal sized areas of her body come from the observation that most of the bright side of the face is to the left of the line on the part of the body being declared “normally sized”,


while most of the dark part of her face is to the right side of the line,


which is the side of the body claimed to be shrunken due to Homosexuality.