Homosexuality is Associated With a Misaligned Energy Body 02

A previous post stated human beings have an energy body that is supposed to be the same size and shape as the physical body, as well as being centered on and aligned with the physical body. It was also stated that the energy body of homosexuals were usually not the same size and shape as their physical body, and/or they were not centered and aligned on their physical body.

The picture below was provided as an example of a woman with an abnormal energy body.


It was claimed the woman’s energy body moved away from it’s normal location directly superimposed on and aligned with the physical body, over to her right as shown in this picture.


It would be quite natural for someone who can not see the energy of a human body to be doubtful about the claims and statements about the human energy body and/or the example picture. After all, they are being asked to believe in something that is invisible to them.

This blog entry will try to allay some of that doubt.

The previous related blog entry stated that changes to the energy body are associated with changes to the physical body that are dependent on exactly how the energy body changed. The various physical body changes related to the rightwards movement of her energy body were then highlighted. Those changes included the fact her body is leaning to her right,


her head is tilted to her right,  


as well as rotating to her right.


The right side of her body is rotated forwards.


Her right shoulder is lower than her left shoulder,


which makes both shoulders look slanted down to her right.


The woman’s mouth looks like there is a hole in the right side of it.


Her hair is parted on the left side of her head.


And the woman’s hand is raised up in front of her body.


Each of those changes to her physical body are influenced by the change in her energy body. Since readers who cannot see the energy of the human body are feeling like they are just looking at a picture of a physical body, it is necessary to show what the woman’s energy body is doing by comparing it to another human body. Please take a moment to examine the following picture.


Did you notice that the man’s body looks almost exactly like the woman’s body?

Both of them have their hair parted on the left.


Both of them are tilting their heads to the right.


They both have a hole in the right side of their mouth.


And they both have their right hand raised up in front of them.


The picture of the man and woman are almost exactly the same. The only real difference is that the man is holding a musical instrument up to his mouth and the woman is not.


Why does the woman who has nothing in her hand or held up to her mouth, look like a man who is holding a musical instrument up to his mouth?

Because both of their energy bodies are changed in the same way, which has caused similar physical changes to their bodies. Since the man’s physical body is changed in a particular way to hold onto the uniquely shaped musical instrument, and the woman’s physical body is almost exactly the same as the man’s, then the woman’s energy body must be doing something equivalent to what the man is doing, as shown in the next picture.


A copy of the musical instrument was superimposed on the picture of the woman, at an angle that aligned it with the woman’s mouth and raised right hand.

Even though the man’s musical instrument points to his right,


while the woman’s musical instrument points slightly to her left,


it is the fact that both of their bodies have a similar appearance that is important.

What this post is saying is that, even though it cannot be seen because energy is invisible, the energy body of the homosexual woman is distorted in such a way that it looks like she is pulling something long out of her mouth and holding it in her hand, in the same way a musical instrument held in the mouth and hand look.