Nov 072013

This blog entry is based on a picture from a Japanese Anime that inadvertently demonstrates one of the effects of masturbation on the human body. That picture, which is shown below, shows a group of people shielding themselves from something.


One of the people shielding themselves is an old man.


The old man is using a staff to shield himself.


The man is holding the staff by the middle with his right hand.


The bottom of the staff extends out below the old man’s right hand,


while the top part of the staff extends up above the old man’s right hand.


The old man holding the staff looks similar to someone holding their penis for masturbation.


The old man’s hand grabs the middle of the staff like the masturbating man’s hand grabs the middle of his penis.


The bottom of the staff extends down below the old man’s hand like the bottom half of the penis extends down below the masturbating man’s hand,


and the top of the staff, which has a bulbous head like a penis does, extends up above the old man’s hand like the top of the masturbating man’s penis extends up above his hand.


Now that the similarity between the old man holding a staff and a man masturbating his penis has been established, the subject of this blog entries title can be addressed. How can this cartoon picture be used to discuss the effects of masturbation on the head of the energy body?

Please examine the location of the old man’s right hand again.


If the staff was not there, his hand would look like it was gripping his own head.


Recall that the old man’s right hand gripping the staff was previously likened to a masturbating man’s hand gripping his penis.


If the staff is ignored and the old man’s right hand is visualized as gripping his head, then the man’s head would be equivalent to the middle part of the penis according to the correspondence highlighted in the following comparison picture.


If the man’s head is equivalent to the middle of the penis, what is equivalent to the top of the penis? Because there isn’t anything visible above the head of a human being to match the top of the penis.


Which means there must be something invisible to the naked eye that is projecting from the top of the old man’s head, that is the equivalent to the head of the penis projecting up out of the hand that is masturbating it. 

The head of the staff sticking up above the old man’s head can be used to help deduce what that invisible something must be,


because it resembles the top of the penis sticking out of a hand masturbating it.


Here is a clue as to what the invisible something extending up above the physical head during masturbation must be.


Why is a smiley face on the top of the staff a clue to what the invisible something extending above the visible head during masturbation must be?

The human body has what is commonly referred to as an energy body. The energy body is normally exactly aligned with the physical body.  The smiley face on the top of the staff was a hint that it is the invisible head of the invisible energy body that extends up above the visible physical head during masturbation.

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