Male Full Body Analysis 06

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


This man’s penis is exposed in this picture, which makes it reasonable to believe that he masturbates

This photo is particularly useful because the man’s penis is erect. That means that his entire body is under the effects of sexual stimulation in this picture. The way his body looks right now is strongly and undeniably influenced by his sexual stimulation.

This condition of the man’s body indicates that he masturbates with his right hand. What is it about the man’s body that indicates he masturbates with his right hand? The main overall clue is that the man’s body is leaning to his right. There are many different clues that will be discussed in detail below.

One of the main changes that masturbation makes in a human body, is to make one shoulder look lower than the other shoulder. The example man’s right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder. Even though the right shoulder cannot be seen, the angle of the body suggests the right shoulder would be located approximately where the red line is.


The difference in height between the two shoulders gives both shoulders a slanted look.


Another one of the main changes caused to the human body by masturbation, is to make one arm appear longer than the other arm. This man’s right arm looks longer than his left arm.


Another main change that masturbation causes in a human body, is to make one leg appear to be shorter than the other leg. The short leg will usually be straight and planted on the ground, while the longer appearing leg will be bent and look as if it is being lifted upwards.

Only a small part of the man’s legs can be seen in this picture. The right leg seems to be lifted upwards a small amount, while the left leg seems to be going down at a more vertical angle.


Although the angle of the photograph makes it difficult to see clearly, masturbation has changed the centerline of the man’s body so that it appears to be to the right of it’s normal location.


A combination of masturbation caused changes to the body and his current state of sexual stimulation make the man’s upper body lean to his right.


Masturbation has changed the appearance and size of the sides of the man’s torso. The right side of the torso, the same side of the torso as the masturbating right hand, is shorter than the left side of the torso.


Especially relevant in light of the fact that his penis is erect, is the position of his head. His head is tilting down to his right. According to Happeh Theory, the orientation of the man’s head in the picture is partly caused by the forces of sexual excitation making the man’s head look down. It is not just a mental choice of the man to make his head look down.

Masturbation has changed the appearance of the man’s chest. The right chest has a line or discoloration or depression in it.


The man’s penis is pointing off to his left.


The leaning or pointing of the penis to the left, is due to the changes that masturbation has caused in his body, and to his posture in the picture.


If the reader will take a moment to list all of the changes to this man’s body that have been described, they can easily reach a preliminary conclusion about how masturbation changes a human body.

It was stated this man masturbates with his right hand
His right arm is longer
His right shoulder is lower
His head is tilted down to his right
The right side of the chest looks smaller than the left side of the chest
The right side of the torso is shorter than the left side of the torso
The entire body leans to the right
The man masturbates with his right hand, and all of the changes to his body affected the right side of his body.

The preliminary conclusion is, “masturbation appears to change the same side of the body as the masturbating hand more than the opposite side of the body”.


The reader who is interested in doing some thinking on their own, would benefit from wondering why the man’s left arm is bent so he can place his left hand on the right side of his stomach.


The arm is not placed on the stomach because of a thinking desire on the part of the man.

The picture below compares this example with two of the previous examples.


All three men masturbate with their right hand.

The right shoulder of each man is lower than their left shoulder. The right arm of each man looks longer than their left arm. Each man’s body leans to his right.

The bodies of all three men exhibit similar changes as they should, if masturbation with the right hand causes a predictable pattern of changes in a human body, as claimed by Happeh Theory.