Male Full Body Analysis 09

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


There is no doubt that this man masturbates because he is masturbating in the picture.

The fact that this man undoubtedly masturbates, lends more support to the claims that the changes that his body exhibits are caused by masturbation.

The changes to this man’s body are caused by masturbation with the left hand

One of the major changes that masturbation causes to the human body, is to make one shoulder look lower than the other shoulder. Although the left shoulder is obscured by the right arm, the man’s left shoulder is lower than his right shoulder.


The difference in height between the shoulders gives both shoulders a slanted look.


Another one of the major changes caused to the human body by masturbation, is to make one arm appear longer than the other arm. This man’s right arm appears shorter than his left arm.


Another one of the major changes that masturbation causes to the human body, is to make one leg appear to be shorter than the other leg. The short leg will usually be straight and planted on the ground, while the longer appearing leg will be bent and look as if it is being lifted upwards.

Only part of this man’s legs can be seen. The visible part of the right leg is rising upwards at a steeper angle than the visible part of the left leg. If the entire legs were visible, the left leg would look longer, because the more extreme bending of the right leg would make it appear shorter.


The man’s head and upper body are leaning to his right.


The man’s right testicle is higher than his left testicle.


Another one of the major changes caused by masturbation to the body is a bad eye. This picture helps understand why. The man is masturbating and his eyes are closed.


According to Happeh Theory, his eyes are not closed because he mentally desired to close his eyes. The man’s eyes are closed as part of the physical reaction of the body to the act of masturbation. The same forces that are making the man close his eyes in this picture, will eventually cause the blindness that Happeh Theory claims is inevitably caused by masturbation.

A close and careful examination of the eye area will reveal how masturbation changes the area of the head around the eyes. The area of the head around the outside of the left eye looks different from the area of the head around the outside of the right eye, because masturbation has changed the area of the head around the outside of the left eye.

The shape of the man’s mouth has also changed while he is masturbating.


Masturbation causes a condition that is known as “Cigar Mouth” in Happeh Theory.”Cigar Mouth” is the name given to a mouth that has one side more open than the othe side, because the bottom part of that side of the mouth has dropped downwards and shrunken inwards.

The man is not shaping his mouth that way because of a mental desire to do so. The forces of masturbation pressure his mouth to change shape in the way that it has. Over time, the continued application of those masturbation caused forces to the mouth is what causes the development of Cigar Mouth.