Nov 012013

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


The man’s erect penis and the sexual nature of this picture make it reasonable to believe that this man masturbates.

The condition of the man’s body indicates that he masturbates with his right hand.

One of the major changes that masturbation causes to the human body, is to make one shoulder look lower than the other shoulder. Although the shoulders are not fully visible, this man’s right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder.


The difference in height between the shoulders is partially due to a rotation of the right shoulder to the rear, and a rotation of the left shoulder to the front.


The difference in height between the shoulders gives both shoulders a slanted look.


The centerline of the man’s body is not vertically straight as it is designed to be. Masturbation has caused the centerline of the man’s torso to slant off to his left.


Another one of the major changes that masturbation causes to the human body, is to make one leg appear to be shorter than the other leg. The short leg will usually be straight and planted on the ground, while the longer appearing leg will be bent and look as if it is being lifted upwards.

Because this man is sitting in a chair, neither of his legs can be planted on the ground. In the sitting position though, his right leg is pulled further back towards his body, which makes it appear shorter than his left leg.


The right leg is angled out to the right side of the body, or laying out to the right side of the body, more than the left leg is laying out to the side of the body.


An interesting observation that can be found in this example, is the smaller diameter of the right leg where it connects to the pelvis.


The man’s entire body is leaning to his right.


It looks like there is only one testicle in the left side of the scrotum.


Where is the right testicle? The man does have a right testicle. The right testicle is not visible because it has been pulled up inside of his body.


The location of the right testicle up inside of the body means that the right testicle is much higher than the left testicle.


There is a large depression under all of the right side of the chest, but only a small area of the left side of the chest.


The right side of this man’s chest looks lower and differently shaped than the left side of the chest.


The centerline of the man’s penis is slanted to his left.


If the reader will take a moment to list all of the changes to this man’s body that have been described, they can easily come to a preliminary conclusion for how masturbation changes the human body.

  • It was stated this man masturbates with his right hand
  • His right arm appears longer
  • His right shoulder appears lower
  • The right leg appears shorter
  • A depression under the right side of the chest
  • The right testicle is higher
  • His entire body leans to his right

The man masturbates with his right hand, and all of the changes listed above are on the the right side of his body.

The preliminary conclusion is: Masturbation seems to change the the same side of the body as the masturbating hand the most.

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