Male Full Body Analysis 18

The video linked below was banned by Youtube. It will therefore need to be downloaded to your computer where you can watch it locally.

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This video is example number three in the series “Masturbation will make you blind and crippled”.

Here is the example picture.


This man appears to be young, strong and healthy. In spite of his healthy look, this man’s body shows signs of damage caused by masturbation.

The man’s right arm is held close to his penis.


The man has an obvious erection.


For the purposes of this video, it can be said that this man’s body is under the influence of masturbation.

According to Happeh Theory, the most obvious damage caused to the human body by masturbation is a short and weakened arm, a short and weakened leg, uneven shoulders, and a bad eye.

The man’s right leg looks shorter than his left leg.


It does not matter that the man’s right leg is resting on something. According to Happeh Theory, his right leg is pulled up and resting on some object because masturbation has made it shorter.

The man’s left arm looks shorter than his right arm.


The reason that the arms look like they are different lengths is because
his shoulders are not even.


The right shoulder is lower which makes the right arm appear to be longer.

A section of the left side of the man’s face is shrunken.


The area enclosed by the red line is smaller than the same area on the right side of the face.


The vision in the left eye will be impaired because of the change to the face.

The man’s chest has also been changed by masturbation.


The right side chest looks smaller than the left side of the chest.

The man’s entire body shows an overall curvature to the right.


The body curves from the groin all the way to the top of the head.

What does this pattern of changes to the body of this man say? The pattern of
changes to his body indicate that he masturbates with his right hand.

Why does masturbation cause this pattern of changes to the body of a human being? One way to explain the pattern of changes is to use the Double Testicle View of the human body.

The Double Testicle View of the human body says that the behavior
of the human body can be modeled by two large testicles located in relation to the human body as shown in this picture.


In the Double Testicle View Of The Body, the effect of masturbation  is to cause one of the testicles to shrink as shown in this picture.


Here is the picture of the example man using the Double Testicle View of the body to explain the pattern of changes to his body.


The left side of his body has a normally sized testicle enclosing it.


The right side of the body has a smaller testicle enclosing it.


The effects on the human body of shrinking the right testicle would be to pull the right leg upward so it is shorter,


to pull the right shoulder down so it is lower,


and to give the body an overall look of curving to the right.


The effects predicted by the Double Testicle View of the body theoretical model, match the changes that are exhibited by the body of this real life man whose body can be said to be under the effects of masturbation right this minute.