Male Full Body Analysis 23

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


The example picture shows exactly how right hand masturbation changes the human body. Right hand masturbation will shrink the entire right side of the body. That shrinkage pulled the man’s leg upwards,


it pulled his right arm upwards,


and it pulled his head up.


Because the human head cannot move upwards, it actually tilts backwards as indicated by the angle of the chin.


All of those changes are due to the shrinkage of what can be visualized as a circular band than runs from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. The next picture has a circle on the left side of the body representing the band on the left side of the body. The band runs from the top left side of the head to the bottom of the extended left foot.


The next picture has the band on the right side of the body from the top right side of the head to the bottom of the right foot drawn in.


There is an obvious length difference between the normal left side of the body and the masturbation contracted and shrunken right side of the body.


The contracting movements of the man’s right leg, right arm, and the tilting backwards of his head, are not due to a mental desire to place his body in that posture.

The bent right leg, the bent right arm, and the backwards tilted head have all assumed those positions involuntarily, as the result of bodily contraction caused by right hand masturbation