Male Full Body Analysis 24

Here is the example body for this blog entry.


The example picture shows exactly how right hand masturbation changes the human body. Right hand masturbation will shrink the entire right side of the body. That shrinkage pulled the man’s right leg upwards,


and it has pulled his right arm upwards.


The shrinkage that pulls the arm and leg upwards can be visualized as a reaction to a large circular band that runs from the top right side of the head down to the right foot, shrinking in diameter. The next picture shows an approximation of the circular band on the right side of the body.


If the man’s head could be seen, it should also look as if it is moving upwards, or backwards since the human head cannot move upwards the way an arm or a leg can, because the circular band on each side of the body reaches up into the head.

The next picture compares the current example with the previous example image in this series.


The right legs of both men are raised upwards,


as are their right arms.


The head of the standing example body cannot be seen. If it was visible, it should show some kind of similar distortion as the head of the laying down body example exhibits.


The observant reader might wonder if the difference in appearance between the right shoulders of the two men, the shoulder of the lying down man is moving upwards as expected,


but the right shoulder of the standing man looks as if it is moving downwards instead of upwards,


means there is some fault with the claim that Right Hand Masturbation will make the right side of the body shrink and move upwards. There is no doubt that Right Hand Masturbation will contract the right side of the body and make it move upwards.

The reason the shoulder of the man who is laying down is raised upwards as expected is because he is laying down and the bed is supporting his body. Because the standing man is standing, his shoulder is more level or moving downwards to maintain his balance.

It is also intriguing to note the left hand of both men is crossed over their body so the left hand is approximately on the centerline of their body.


That is not a coincidence. Those are not random movements of the left arm of each man. The left arm has oriented itself the way it has because of the bodily contraction caused by Right Hand Masturbation.