Male Full Body Analysis 28

This Male Full Body Analysis was written at the request of the owner of said body. A conversation took place on the internet where the individual stated he did not believe his body was changed by masturbation. He provided a picture of himself for analysis as a challenge, and asked for it to be analyzed. The post below is the answer to that request.

Because of the cut and paste nature of the post there is not much explanation. It is a simple listing of the changes present in the individual’s body.


( MM – The man who provided his picture starts the conversation by saying……..)

As a show of my good faith, I will provide this. However you will understand that I have censored my face for the sake of privacy. There’s a lot of crazies on the internet.


I eagerly await your diagnosis..

( Happeh begins his response……)

I took one glance at your picture and I see changes in your body. I am uncertain what it is you want me to do.

Your shoulders are obviously uneven. Your left shoulder is lower than the right.


Your right shoulder has a squarish shape to it while the left shoulder has a more sloped look to it.


Your chest is asymmetric. The right side of your chest is kind of bulgy and fattish, while the left side of your chest is kind of receded and less noticeable.


Confirmation that your chest is uneven comes from the fact that your right nipple is visible but your left nipple is not. Your right chest is thrusting forward enough to push the nipple through your shirt.


Your clothes further verify your chest is not even. Your shirt hangs in such a way that part of your right arm is revealed, but your left arm is not.


Because the face is blocked off, there is little I can do with it. From what little is visible though, your face/head is asymmetric. Depending on your visual acuity, the right side of your face in the chin/neck area is ever so slightly smaller than the left side. Do not be surprised if you cannot see it.


A corroborating observation for the claim that the head is uneven, is the way the shirt and the neck interact. There is more neck visible on the right than there is on the left.


The right ear is slightly larger and more protruding than the left ear. This could be interpreted as more corroboration for the claim the right side of the face is shrunken. If the right side of the face shrank smaller, more of the ear would be revealed like more of a beach is revealed when the tide goes out.


The hairline clearly shows that the body is asymmetric. The left side hairline is higher up on the head than the right side hairline.


The reason the hairline is different is because your head is changing shape. It may be hard to see, but the left side of the head is getting a flattish appearance to it.


The head getting flattish and the hairline being higher indicate that side of the head is undergoing shrinkage. The pattern of shrinkage is not a straight left side/right side dividing line pattern of shrinkage. The patterns of shrinkage of the body caused by masturbation are very complicated to follow.

An observation I am hesitant to make because of the black circle on the face and the lighting, is that the right eye socket looks like it is more revealed than the left eye socket. That makes sense because the eye socket would be like the ear. If the area of the head around the eye socket shrank, more of the eye socket would be revealed.


There is the analysis of your body. You were saying something about it always being asymmetric.

What is it exactly you want from me other than to point out the changes in your body?