Nov 112013

The changes to the face of the man in the following picture are most likely caused by masturbation with the right hand.


This is an excellent example picture because the shrinkage of the face is so obvious that there is no need to point it out. There is no denying that the left side of this person’s face is smaller than the right side of the face.

The right side of the face is vertically taller than the left side of the face.


The left eye socket is smaller than the right eye socket.


The mouth slants from low on his right up to high on his left.


The nose also slants from low on his right up to high on his left.


The hairline slants from high on his right down to low on his left.


It is the combination of the mouth and nose slanting up to his left, and the hairline slanting down to his left, that provides the main impression of one side of his face is smaller than the other.


One of the main changes caused to the human body by masturbation is the shrinkage in vertical height of one of the shoulders. The subject’s left shoulder looks lower than the right shoulder.


The different vertical heights of the right and left shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from low on the left to high on the right.


The hair on the right side of the subject’s head has receded further back than the hair on the left side of the head. It is not a coincidence that is the same side of the body as the masturbating right hand.


The outside of the right eyebrow looks high or level. The outside of the left eyebrow looks like it is slanting downwards.


The right eye looks brighter and more alive while the left eye looks darker, watery, and dead-ish.


There can be no disagreement that the subjects face is asymmetric, or different on one side than it is on the other side. The only source of disagreement can be on the cause of the facial distortion.

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