Masturbation Caused Facial Distortion 02

The face of the individual in the following picture exhibits many of the changes associated with masturbation caused facial shrinkage.


Those changes include: 

The right side of the face is shorter than the left side of the face.


The right eye socket looks smaller than the left eye socket.


The mouth slants from low on his right up to high on his left.


The nose also slants from low on his right up to high on his left.


The hair is has receded more on the right than the left.


The right side of the man’s face looks smaller,


than the left side of the face,


which gives it on overall trapezoidal shape.


One of the main body changes caused by masturbation is to make the shoulders uneven. The subjects’s right shoulder looks higher than his left shoulder.


The mismatch in vertical height of the shoulders gives both shoulders a slanted look from high on the right to low on the left.


According to Happeh Theory, there is something commonly referred to as “energy” associated with the human body. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an affect on objects outside of the body.

One phenomenon associated with the energy of the human body are imperfections in photographs.  The energy of the example subject is focused approximately at the top right corner of his head.


A close look at that section of the photograph reveals imperfections around the top right corner of the head. The photograph has  a slightly blurry look in the area enclosed by the outline in the next picture.


According to Happeh Theory it is not a coincidence that the area enclosed in the yellow circle is about the same size as the man’s head. That area inside of the circle is where the head of the subject’s energy body has shifted to. The outline in the next picture attempts to delineate the current location of the subject’s energy body.


Individual’s with a masturbation changed body will frequently adjust their body posture to counteract the sensations those masturbation caused changes impose on them. That is one of the reasons the subject has chosen to pose his body for the photograph in the way he has.

Please examine the entire photograph again.


The right hand masturbation caused shrinkage of the right side of the subject’s body imposes a sensation of slumping down towards the ground. To counteract that slumping downwards feeling the subject has raised and braced his elbows on the doorway so his upper body looks large and upright.


If the subject was standing normally without bracing his elbows on the doorway, his right shoulder would be lower than his left shoulder. The next picture attempts to demonstrate how the man’s physical body would look if he was standing normally. The right shoulder of the yellow outline body that represents his normal posture, is pulled in towards the spine further than is normal, and it has dropped down to approximately the armpit level of the physical body.


In addition to counteracting the slumping feeling of the right side of his body, bracing his right elbow on the doorway in the way that it is also stretches out the right side of his body. That stretching gives relief to the tightened muscles and tendons that are responsible for the slumping of the right side of the body.