Masturbation Causes Directional Blindness

This blog entry provides an initial discussion on how Masturbation Causes Blindness.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled.

In reaction to those claims, many people have related their own experience of masturbating for years, going to an opthamalogist, and being told their vision was perfect. These people feel their own experience means masturbation cannot cause blindness.

The experience of those people does not disprove the claims of Happeh Theory. Masturbation does cause majority blindness in one eye.

How can those contradictory claims be true? How can the eyes of an individual who has masturbated for years be fine according to an opthamologist, yet simultaneously be blind according to Happeh Theory?

It is simple really. Masturbation interferes with the direction controlling mechanisms of the eye. If an eye cannot look in some direction , that eye is blind in that direction even if the eye has perfect vision. Some simple illustrations will be used to demonstrate how this phenomenon works.

The picture will represent the human eye.


Rectangles have been placed above, below, to the right, and to the left of the eye in the next picture.


The eye is moved in different directions by complex combinations of various muscles. The simple rectangles are meant to represent all of the complex muscle combinations involved in moving the eye in each of the four directions where the rectangles are placed.

The arrows on the picture below emphasize the direction each rectangle pulls the eye.


It would be common to describe downwards movement of the eye as the result of action by the bottom rectangle. The bottom rectangle would increase the amount of force it exerts on the eye to whatever amount was necessary to overcome the upwards pulling force of the upper rectangle. When that happened the eye would move downwards. The three downwards pointing arrows under the eye in the next picture, are meant to visually represent the increase in the downwards pulling force being exerted on the eye by the bottom rectangle.


If the reader does not understand the discussion about forces or does not care about the discussion about forces, the gist of what is being said can be understood just by looking at the arrows in the pictures and doing simple arithmetic. The eye in the picture above has moved downwards because there are three down arrows below the eye but only one up arrow above the eye. Three minus one equals two. So there are two arrows pulling down on the eye and zero arrows pulling up on the eye, which explains the movement of the eye downwards.

The downwards movement of the eye can result from a different process. Instead of the force exerted by the lower rectangle increasing and pulling the eye downwards, the force on the lower rectangle could remain the same while the force on the upper rectangle was decreased. Then, even though the force exerted by the lower rectangle did not increase, the eye would still move downwards because the upwards force was too weak to counteract the downward force being exerted on the eye.

As an extreme example, the arrow on the upper rectangle has been removed in the next picture to indicate there are zero forces pulling upwards on the eye. The eye has moved downwards because the only force acting on it is the downwards pulling rectangle underneath the eye.


According to Happeh Theory, that is the how masturbation makes a human being with 20/20 vision blind. The masturbating individual really does have 20/20 vision, but there are some directions that they are blind in because their eyes cannot look in those directions. The eye in the picture above for instance, would be blind to anything above it because the upper rectangle cannot pull the eye upwards.

The eye in the next picture would be blind to things to it’s right because there is no rectangle on the right to pull it that direction.


The eye in the following picture would be blind to things underneath it.


And the eye in this picture would be blind to things on it’s left.


The most common type of blindness caused by masturbation is difficulty in looking at things to the outside of the body. The next picture shows two eyes with rectangles at all four directions, representing two good eyes that can both look in all four directions normally.


If the right eye is the one affected by masturbation, the right eye will tend to have trouble looking to the right side of the body.


If the left eye is the one affected by masturbation, the left eye will have trouble looking to the left.


The above discussion applies to all cases of masturbation caused blindness. In mild cases the difficulty in rotating the eye to the outside of it’s socket will be relatively minor.

In severe cases the eye will barely be able to rotate towards the outside of the socket. That is because masturbation will most strongly affect the outer, upper, and lower muscles controlling the eye. The strongest force exerted on the masturbation changed eye will be the muscles that pull it towards the opposite side of the body. The eye in the next picture is the left eye looking to the right, because no force is being exerted on the eye from above, below, or the right.


The eye in the next picture is the right eye looking to the left because there are no forces acting on the right eye from above, below,  or to the right.


The masturbation caused blindness described in this article is only one of the ways masturbation can affect the vision of the eyes.

It should be the easiest to understand and the easiest to verify. Verification of these claims would consist of nothing more than finding volunteers who have admitted to years of masturbation, then examining and/or testing  their eyes and face to reveal which direction their eyes have trouble moving in, and which parts of the face seem to have atrophied muscles.