Mr Gay UK

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled as well as causing many other physical changes and health problems in the human body.

Other actions and activities are associated with the same symptoms produced in the human body as are produced by masturbation. Excessive Exercise, Anorexia, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Excessive Sex, and most pertinent to this blog entry, Homosexuality, are all associated with some or all of the same bodily changes and health problems that are caused by masturbation.

One of the main reasons that Homosexuality is associated with the same bodily changes and health problems that are caused by masturbation, is that a large majority of Homosexuals masturbate excessively. While homosexuality itself is associated with bodily changes and health problems, according to Happeh Theory it is the Excessive Masturbation and Excessive Sex engaged in by many Homosexuals, that is responsible for the large majority of Homosexuals who display the same bodily changes and health problems as those associated with masturbation.

Many people have trouble believing those claims because those claims have been deemed untrue by the modern Western Science community. According to Western scientists masturbation is a harmless or even beneficial act. Members of the public who have been trained to believe scientists understandably feel the claims of Happeh Theory about masturbation must be false.

To counter the ignorance of scientists, and to prove in a way that can be easily understood by anyone, that masturbation does change the human body in predictable ways and does cause predictable health problems, Happeh Theory provides examples of human beings whose bodies have been changed by masturbation in the way described by Happeh Theory.

This blog entry is about a man who won the Gay Mr UK contest. The point in using his photo is that because the man is a self professed gay man, the claim by Happeh Theory that his body has been changed by his homosexuality seems more believable.

Here is the photo of the man who won the Mr Gay UK title four years ago.


This man’s body is obviously changed in the way described by Happeh Theory. Please take a moment to examine the photo. Anyone should be able to tell that the human body in the picture looks different from a normal human body whether they know anything about how masturbation changes a human body or not.

One of the major changes that masturbation will make to a human body is to make one shoulder look lower than the other shoulder. Mr Gay UK’s shoulders are slanted from high on his left to low on his right, so his right shoulder has to be lower than his left shoulder.


The changes that masturbation and homosexuality have made in the man make his head rotate on his body.


A common reaction to this type of observation is “The photographer posed the man that way. His posture has nothing to do with masturbation”. While it is possible the photographer asked the man to pose the way he is posing, that does not change the fact the man’s body has been changed by masturbation.

According to Happeh Theory, one of the skills of a photographer is posing their subject in a way that is natural to and feels comfortable to the subject. If the photographer did ask Mr Gay UK to pose with his head twisted on his body, it was because the photographer could tell the Mr Gay UK’s masturbation twisted body felt more comfortable with his head twisted on his body, than he would if he was facing straight into the camera with his head and body aligned.

For those individuals who remain convinced the man’s head is twisted on his body only because the photographer asked him to stand that way, Happeh Theory can easily explain why masturbation will make the head of a human being rotate on the body. That explanation is too distracting for this blog entry and will not be provided.

( Those people driven by curiosity will want to think about The DNA View of the Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models created for Happeh Theory, and think about how the human body would react if one of the spirals of The DNA View of the Human Body shrank. It is not that hard really. A spiral moves in a spiral path. Another way to describe spiral motion is with the word “rotate”. )

A related observation is that the man’s head is very slightly tilted on his neck, as evidenced by the slight mismatch between the red face centerline and the blue neck centerline in the following picture.


Masturbation has shrunken the musculature and other organic material on the left side of Mr Gay UK’s face in the area indicated in the next picture.


The shrinkage of the organic material in that area of the face is proportionally related to the severity of the following masturbation caused head changes.

Masturbation will make the eyes uneven. One eye will look obviously smaller or larger than the other eye. Mr Gay UK’s left eye looks smaller than his right eye.


Masturbation changes the alignment of the jaw. Perhaps the most glaring of the masturbation caused changes to Mr Gay UK’s head is the misalignment of his jaw. His lower jaw is shifted to the right of his upper jaw.


The masturbation caused shifting of the lower jaw also pulls the lower teeth out of alignment with the upper teeth.


The shifting of the jaw creates a hole in the right side of the mouth. That predictable hole produced in the mouth of any human being who masturbates has been named “Cigar Mouth” by Happeh Theory. That is because male human beings who have that masturbation caused hole in their mouth will frequently stick a cigar in there to relieve the irritation caused by the unnatural hole.


The bodily distortion that produces the hole in the side of the mouth will change the direction the tongue points. The tongue of a human being with Cigar Mouth will tend to stick out of the Cigar Mouth hole instead of sticking straight out of the mouth as a normal tongue does. Close inspection is required to discern the man’s tongue has shifted to the right side of his mouth where the Cigar Mouth hole is.


All of the previous changes to Mr Gay UK’s head are abnormal. A normal human head does not look that way. Mr Gay UK is a homosexual man. The fact that Mr Gay UK’s head has been changed in the way predicted by Happeh Theory, supports the claim by Happeh Theory that masturbation and homosexuality are associated with blindness and being crippled, as well as many other health problems.