People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 03

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man at a party.


The man’s hips are thrusting forwards.


If an observer were asked why the man’s hips were thrusted forwards, they are a variety of responses that observer might give. One possible reason is the man is preening or putting on a show for an audience. The man might be drunk and he is not even mentally aware that he is thrusting his hips forwards. Or the might might be thrusting his hips forwards as a sexual invitation or demonstration to someone outside of the picture who is watching him.

While all of those reasons are legitimate possibilities, it is the claim of this blog entry that the man’s hips are thrusting forwards, and his overall body has the exact look that it does, because his body is assuming the posture it takes on during masturbation, without his conscious mental awareness.

One of the observations that justify that claim is the location and posing of his right arm.



The man’s arm could be held in any way at any location. But the lower right arm is held mostly parallel with the ground,


and angled in towards the center of the body,


in such a way that the right hand which is clenched into a loose fist


“coincidentally” becomes positioned exactly where it could masturbate a penis extending up from the


which is now angled upwards because of the thrusting forward hips.


The man’s right arm is angled inwards and held parallel to the ground at the exact location it is because of structural changes within the body that were caused by masturbation. Those structural changes can be visualized as being similar to a rut in the road a bicycle falls into and gets stuck in.


Masturbation put a “rut” in the man’s body. The right arm has “fallen” off of it’s original spatial relationship to the shoulder and the rest of the body, down into the “rut” in his body created by masturbation.

The right arm angles inwards and holds the forearm parallel to the ground because it has “fallen into a rut ” within the body that was caused by masturbation.

The next observation that supports the claim the example man’s body is currently holding a posture similar to the one it assumes during masturbation, is the rotation of the man’s head to his left so he is looking over his left shoulder.


The man’s head is not rotating because of a conscious mental desire on his part. His head is rotating to the left because that is how it reacts to the masturbation caused tightening of the right side of the body.

That masturbation caused tightening also forces the mouth to open and the upper teeth to jut forwards.


The area of the body that masturbation is tightening can be deduced from the exact changes to the location and position of the right arm, the exact amount of rotation of the head to the left, the exact amount of opening of the mouth, and the exact amount the upper teeth just forwards. The clues provided by all of those changes indicate the masturbation caused force responsible for all of those changes is affecting the body along and within the circular area highlighted in this image.


While it is not immediately apparent, the shrinkage of the body along and within that circular area is also related to a final observation that supports the contention the man is currently holding a posture similar to the one his body assumes during masturbation. The man’s right leg is lifting upwards,


because it is being pulled up towards the circular shrinkage area of the upper right side of the body.


That force affecting the various parts of the man’s physical body also affect his energy body.

An interesting related observation found in the picture involves the woman in the background.


The head of the woman is located almost exactly where the man’s head would be if it was laying back naturally at the same angle as his body.


That is not a coincidence. Understanding why requires a short explanation about the energy of the human body and the relationship between human beings and the energy of the human body.

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. That energy is invisible and can extend out away from the body where it can influence other living things. Human beings are naturally attracted to this energy. As one might expect, the stronger the energy, the stronger the attraction will be. Human beings are so strongly attracted to powerful energy that they will attempt to align their body directly on any powerful energy they sense.

Sexual behavior naturally strengthens the energy of the human body. It has already been stated that the posture of the example man is influenced by sex. The posture is the same one his body takes on during masturbation. Which means that the man’s energy is currently strengthened in that pose in the picture.

While the picture shows the physical head of the man sticking up approximately straight as it reacts to the sexual stimulation it is currently under,


the head of the man’s energy body is sticking out of his neck along the same angle his body has.


Which just happens to be the approximately same location and angle the woman’s head.


The “coincidence” of the woman’s head being located and angled as if it was an extension of the man’s body has been explained. The body of the woman, consciously or unconsciously, purposefully moved itself so as to align with the strong source of energy that was the sexually strengthened energy head of the man’s energy body, as all human beings are drawn to naturally do.

Supporting evidence for the claim the woman has purposefully aligned herself on the man’s sexually strengthened energy is the expression on her face. The woman’s face gives the impression she is excited and laughing like the man is.


The woman is behind the man so it seems unlikely she is excited and laughing because she looked at the man’s excited and laughing face and was consciously or unconsciously visually cued to mimic him.

Which lends credence to the claim the woman’s excited and laughing attitude, is a result of her reacting to the excitement and laughing manner of the sexually strengthened energy of the man, that she is directly experiencing because her physical head is aligned on and with the energy head of the man.