Nov 232013

 The pose the man in the picture is holding is the same one he holds his body in when he masturbates.


Why would he do that? Why would the man do something that many people would feel was embarrassing?

Because he has no choice.

According to Happeh Theory, the human body will assume a particular pose during masturbation, that is dependent on the details of how the individual masturbates. After masturbating for some indeterminate amount of time usually measured in years, the organic tissue of the body that tightens and shortens to create the pose assumed by the individual’s body during masturbation, will become permanently tighter and shorter, because that is one of the characteristics of the organic material of the human body.

A familiar example of that characteristic would be weight lifting. The muscles of a weightlifter will tighten and shorten over time so that the arm for example will no longer extend all the way out. The arms always remains slightly bent because of the tightened and shortened muscles caused by weightlifting.


The claim the example man’s posture is the result of  masturbation caused tightening of the body is based on many different observations about his body. Masturbation produces a number of changes in any human body that are as easy to recognize as noticing the slightly bent arms of a weightlifter. Those changes include:

Shoulders that are not level. The man’s right shoulder is much lower than his left shoulder.


The different levels of the right and left shoulders give both of his shoulders a slanted look.


The man’s entire body is leaning to his right.


His head is slightly rotated to the right.


The mouth is held wide open.


There is a depression in the right side of the man’s torso.


It looks like there is no ear on the right side of the head.


The left eye exhibits what Happeh Theory calls “Egyptian Eye”. “Egyptian Eye”  is the name given to a roughly circular area that will develop around one of the eyes.


Right hand masturbation is also responsible for the receded hairline on the left side of the man’s head.


The man’s hairline because it is aligned on the boundary between the relatively unaffected left side of his body, and the masturbation tightened and shrunken right side of his body. The line in the next picture approximately follows the boundary between the minimally shrunken left side of the man’s body, and the severely masturbation shrunken right side of the body, in the leaning posture he currently holds.


( If the man was not leaning to his right, the boundary line would need to be redrawn to include the right waist, right hip, and the righ leg in the part of the body tightened and shrunken by masturbation. )

That boundary line provides the opportunity to interject some theoretical material into the factual analysis of the example man’s body. According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it, located approximately as shown in the next picture.


Masturbation will force the pyramid away from the location shown in the picture above, as well as distort it’s shape. The pyramid associated with the example man’s body has been shortened by masturbation to approximately shoulder height as indicated in this picture,


and it’s shape has been changed by moving the peak of the pyramid to the left of it’s proper location on the centerline of the body.


Continuing on with the observations about the example man that indicate his body has been changed by right hand masturbation, the curved fold lines in the lower half of the man’s toga are indicative of movement of the hips to his right. The same side of the body as the right hand it is claimed he uses to maturbate.


The most obvious masturbation caused body change exhibited by the man’s body is the configuration of the right arm and hand. The right arm is bent upwards at the elbow until the forearm is at about a 90 degree angle to the upper arm,


which makes the lower arm parallel with the ground,


and places the right hand, which is held as if it is curled around something, approximately in the center of the body.


The angles of the right upper arm, right forearm, and right wrist, just happen to be the angles necessary to put the man’s right hand where it would need to be in order to masturbate his penis.


The example man is unconscious of the fact his body is holding the same configuration it does when he masturbates.  In his mind he is holding himself as if he is feeling good and projecting a cool, “Right On!” image.

That is not surprising actually. If a human being was asked to give the strongest possible positive reaction to something, what could be more positive than posing with the penis in the hand, as if to say “The current situation makes me feel as good and positive as I do when I masturbate!”.

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