Nov 232013

The example picture shows a fisherman presenting his catch.


According to Happeh Theory, the man is unconsciously holding his masturbation posture as he presents the fish.

What kinds of evidence or clues are there to support that claim?

There are a few main changes that will always appear in a masturbation changed body. One of those main changes is a pair of uneven shoulders. The example individual’s right shoulder is lower than his left shoulder.


The uneven shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the left to low on the right.


Another one of the main changes masturbation causes to the body is to make one arm look longer than the other arm. The right arm of the example man looks longer than his left arm.


It does not matter that the left arm is shorter because it is bent. The only thing that matters is that the arms appear to be different lengths.

Masturbation will give one leg the tendency to plant itself on the ground while the other leg will have a tendency to “float”, or to have very little weight on it. The man’s right leg is planted on the ground,


while the left leg is slanted backwards at an angle.


Planting his weight on his right foot while his left foot is slanted back and out, gives the man’s torso a tilt to his right.


The most obvious clue this is the man’s unconscious masturbation posture, is of course the fish. The man is gripping the bottom of the fish with his right hand, his masturbation hand, and holding it by his groin.


The angle of the fish matches the angle of his penis while he masturbates. A penis shape is superimposed over the fish to highlight how it resembles a large penis being held by the man.


That drawing of the penis object also lies along the boundary of one of the major body changes caused by right hand masturbation. It is not a coincidence that it looks like the man has moved his head to his left to get out of the way of the penis object in the picture.


Some readers might be of the opinion the man’s head has moved to avoid the head of the fish. That is a reasonable thing to say and true to some extent. If you look closely though, there is plenty of room between the man’s head and the fish head,


for the man to hold his head up straight and still avoid the fish head.



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