People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 07

The example picture shows a man sitting in a chair.


This man is unconsciously holding his body in a posture similar to the posture his body assumes during masturbation.

What observations from the picture justify that conclusion?

There are a few changes that masturbation will always make to the affected body, regardless of the method or frequency of masturbation. One of those changes are unequal height shoulders. This individual’s left shoulder is higher than his right shoulder.


The uneven shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the left to low on the right.


Another one of the major changes masturbation makes to the body is to make the arms look different lengths. The man’s right arm looks longer than his left arm.


It does not matter the reason the left arm looks shorter is because it is bent outwards.


The only thing that matters is the right arm appears to be longer than the left arm.

The man’s head is slanted to his right.


Why is the man’s head tilted to his right? There is no external reason visible in the picture that would compel him to tilt his head. 

The man’s head has tilted because that is another change caused by masturbation. The rrising left shoulder,


acts to push the head out of the way to the man’s right.


The man’s right hand, the hand he uses to masturbate with, is held at groin level,


and is curled up,


as if it was holding a penis.


When anyone who can see what is called “the energy” of the human body looks at this picture, they will see a sitting man holding his penis as if he is masturbating it.

There is nothing that can be done about this type of possibly embarrassing situation, other than to not masturbate so your body never forms a masturbation posture it can unconsciously move into, or to constantly be aware of your posture so as to intervene if it tries to change into the masturbation posture.

Since it is impossible to constantly be aware of your posture, it is better to masturbate as little as possible, so you don’t exhibit a masturbation posture that other people who can read body language or see the energy of the human body, can notice and comment on.