People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 10

The example picture below shows three young men at a toga party.


According to Happeh Theory, the two men on the left of the picture are unconsciously holding a posture similar to the one they use while masturbating. The posture of the man to the right of the picture exhibits changes consistent with being changed by masturbation. There are a variety of observations about each man to justify those claims.

Masturbation will cause a few common changes in the body. One of those changes is a pair of unequal height shoulders. The left shoulder of the man in the middle of the picture is higher than his right shoulder.


The uneven shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look from high on the left to low on the right.


Another one of the common body changes caused by masturbation is a pair of uneven arms. The left arm of the man in the middle of the picture looks longer than his right arm.


It does not matter the man’s arms appear to be different lengths because they are held in different locations and orientations. The only thing that matters is that they look uneven.

Masturbation will usually cause the head to slant to one side or the other for reasons that will be explained later. The head of the man in the middle is slanted to his right.


His head is also rotated to his right.


The rotation of the head makes it look like just the left eye is focusing on the camera.

That particular look of just one eye focusing on the object of the individual’s interest is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. The eye that is behaving as an “Egyptian Eye” will always appear larger than the actual eye. The expanded area defining this individual’s Egyptian Eye is highlighted in this picture.


The most obvious clue the man in the middle of the picture is unconsciously holding a masturbation posture is the way he is holding the trophy out in front of his body. The following picture shows what some people see when they look at the man in the middle of the picture.


The changes masturbation cause to the body make it behave as if the penis object above is much larger.


The head of the man in the middle appears to be trying to get out of the way of the large penis object. That should be impossible shouldn’t it? The large penis object is something drawn on this picture, not something the man really had to move his head out of the way of in the photograph.

That rotation of the head that looks like it is moving out of the way of the large penis object, supports the claim the man’s body really is behaving as if a large penis is sticking up out of the man’s hand into the air by his head. Why else is he moving and rotating his head?


The man to the left of the picture is also unconsciously standing in his masturbation posture. Before the listing of observations supporting that claim is presented, please take a moment to compare the postures of the man in the middle and the man to the left of the picture.


The two men have almost the exact same posture.

The shoulders of both men are high on the left and low on the right.


The uneven shoulders give the shoulders of both men a slanted look.


The left arm of both men looks longer than the right arm.


The heads of both men are tilted.


The heads of both men are rotated to the right.


The left eye of both men exhibit the typical appearance associated with a case of “Egyptian Eye”.


The man to the left of the picture also looks like he is holding his penis in his right hand.


Although the man on the left’s head is slanted to his right like the head of the man in the middle, the head of the man on the left is slanted more because of shrinkage to the right side of the body, than because of the effects of a large imaginary penis sticking up in the air next to the head, as was the case with the man in the middle.


The “body” penis, or the area within the body that reacts to right hand masturbation as if it is being masturbated simultaneously along with the penis, is aligned with the left shoulder so the left shoulder acts as the head of the body penis.



The body of the man on the right shows masturbation caused changes in a different way from the other two men. The man on the right has moved so close to the man in the middle that the left side of the body of the man on the right is behind the body of the middle man and cannot be seen.


The parts of the body that are severely shrunken by masturbation are hard to feel for the affected individual. Many people will not be able to feel the shrunken area at all. Because they cannot feel it, they misjudge where their body is.

According to Happeh Theory, the man on the right has moved so close to the man in the middle that the left side of his torso is hidden because he is not really aware part of his body is hiding behind the man in the middle. The man on the right feels comfortable with only the part of his torso that can be clearly seen being openly exposed the way it is.

The man on the right’s head is tilted like the heads of the other two men.


Other changes to the body of the man on the right that support the claim the left side of his body is shrunken by masturbation, include the closed and squinty look of his left eye,


and the way the left side of the mouth is pulled upwards.


This example picture was an excellent one because it allowed the opportunity to compare two men who are both holding one of the most common masturbation poses assumed by individuals who masturbate, as well as the opportunity to compare those two men to another man whose body is also changed by masturbation, but oriented in a different way.

The reader truly interested in this material can learn much by studying the picture and trying to find the commonalities between the bodies of all three men, even though one of them is posed very differently from the other two.