People Unconsciously Assuming Their Masturbation Posture 10

Masturbation will give a human being the tendency to assume their masturbation pose when they are relaxed or under stress. The stress can be mental or physical stress. The person will be completely unaware of what they are doing when this happens, like the man in this example picture.


The man is experiencing stress because he is being questioned in a public hearing. The change in the following picture should make it clear why it is being claimed the posture in the picture is the man’s masturbation posture.


The addition of a penis shape sticking out of the right hand highlights how the current posture the man has assumed under the stress of interrogation is the same posture his body assumes under the stress of masturbation.

The exact changes to the man’s posture that are related to or a result of masturbation include the slanting of his head towards his right, 


or towards the masturbating hand.


That slanting of the head is due to a shrinkage of the man’s upper body and head to the right of the line in this picture.


The complete upper body shrinkage area is highlighted in this picture. 


The shrinkage of the head affects everything in the head as well as it’s spatial orientation.

The man’s mouth is open,


with the tongue hanging out of it.


 The reader might even get the impression the tongue has extended far out of the mouth,


as if it was trying to reach down to the penis.


 The slanting of the ear to the right obscures the right ear,


making it look like the man only has one ear, the left ear.


The tilting of the man’s head makes it look like he is focusing his left eye towards his interrogators,


even though he has two functional eyes.


That behavioral characteristic, focusing only one eye on the subject of interest, is known as “Egyptian Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature. An “Egyptian Eye” is characterized by the affected eye giving the impression it is much larger than the actual eye. This individual’s Egyptian Eye is approximately as large as the area highlighted in this image.


Human beings have what is commonly referred to as “an energy body”. The energy body can be treated in various ways, including as an exact duplicate of the physical body that is centered and aligned on the physical body.

Masturbation will distort and deform the energy body, as well as forcing parts of it completely off of the physical body. Masturbation has changed this individual’s body so that when he is under stress, in addition to all of the previously listed physical changes that occur in his body, his energy body also partially splits away from his physical body.

This picture shows the approximate location of the head of the individual’s energy body. 


Please notice that the location of the energy body head makes it align with the body.


The head of the energy body wants to remain erect, even if the physical body is trying to move over and down to the right.