Rotated Head Analysis 01

Here is the example for this blog entry.


The changes to the example subject’s face and body are most likely caused by masturbation with the right hand.

This man’s entire head juts forwards, with the right side of the head jutting the furthest forwards.


Part of the forwards movement of the head is due to rotation of the head to the subject’s left.


The subject’s mouth slants from high on the right to low on the left.


The left shoulder is higher than the right shoulder.


The different level shoulders give both shoulders a slanted look.


The lowering of the right shoulder is partly due to the forwards movement of the right side of the body as the entire body rotates down to the right.


The man’s right arm looks shorter than his left arm.


It does not matter that the difference in arm lengths is an illusion caused by the right arm being bent back towards the body and the left arm extending outwards. All that matters for the purposes of diagnosing whether a body has been changed by masturbation is the tendency of the arms to be held in ways that makes their lengths appear to be unequal.

Please note the piece of hair sticking up on the left side of his head.


The piece of hair looks like it is following the curve of the left side of the head.


Masturbation will change the flow patterns of the hair in ways that usually show themselves as certain areas of hair going against the flow of the surrounding areas of hair.

The man’s right hand is curled up as if it was curled around his penis for masturbation.


Because masturbation involves gripping the penis, after some period of time spent masturbating, the masturbation hand will have a tendency to close in it’s masturbation grip all of the time. As this subject’s right hand is doing.