Nov 282013

Any reader who has not done so should watch the video titled Masturbation can change the direction of the penis. That video provides the basic theory that is used in this example.

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.


The penis in the picture above is obviously pointing off to the right of the body it is attached to.

The line in the picture below is the centerline of the pubic bone, which is the line the penis would lie on if it was straight.


Instead of laying on the pubic bone centerline, the lower part of the penis is angled to the right.


At approximately the half way point the upper part of the penis then curves even more to the right.


None of the center of this penis follows the proper center indicated by the line on picture on the left. The penis points to the right at a particular angle for about half the length of the penis, then the penis makes an even sharper turn to the right, as indicated by the two lines on the picture above on the right.

Theoretical Section

Why does the penis in this example look like this? Is it genetics? Was this man born with a penis that curved off to the left? Is there some kind of chemical reaction going on his body that changes the direction his penis is pointing? Or maybe he has some kind of organ problem that makes the penis change direction? Maybe he has a heart or a liver problem, and that is why his penis has changed direction?

According to Happeh Theory, the penis shown in this picture has changed direction due to masturbation. Masturbation has changed other areas of his body, which then caused his penis to change direction.

One way to explain why this penis is pointing to the right, is to use the Double Cylinder View of the Human Body. According to the Double Cylinder View of the Human body, the human body can be treated as two cylinders located as shown in the picture below.


For this explanation, it is necessary to use an overhead view of The Double Cylinder View of the human body, as shown below.


The picture above shows the two cylinders of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body side by side. There is a red rectangle sticking straight out from the center of the two cylinders. The rectangle is meant to represent the penis. According to Happeh Theory, a normal penis should stick straight out from the body like the rectangle in the picture above.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make one or both of the cylinders in the picture above rotate. When one or both of the cylinders rotate, the rectangle will be forced to move also, because the two cylinders represent the human body, the rectangle represents the penis, and the real life penis is attached to the human body, which means the rectangle must also behave as if it is attached to the two cylinders.

There are six possible rotations of the two cylinders. Both cylinders can rotate to the right or both cylinders can rotate to the left as shown below.


The right cylinder can rotate to the right or the left, while the left cylinder remains stationary.


And the left cylinder can rotate right and left, while the right cylinder remains stationary.



Here is the picture of the example penis again.


The penis in the picture above points to the right. In the previous examples of the possible rotations of The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body, both cylinders turning to the right make the penis point to the right, the left cylinder turning left makes the penis point to the right, and the right cylinder turning left makes the penis point to the right.

The picture below compares the example penis, to the three possible rotations of the two cylinders listed above.


What the picture above is saying, is that the example penis is pointing to the right, because the two cylinders within the body have rotated in one of the ways shown above. A full body picture of the body this penis is attached to would be required to determine with absolute certainty which of the cylinder rotations above is the one that forced this penis to point to the right.

It is possible to make an educated guess as to which cylinder of the body has changed to produce this particular change of direction in the penis, by taking note of the various observations that can be made about this example penis and the body it is attached to.

The left hip is further back than the right hip,


which gives both hips a slanted back to the left look.


The left hip is further back because the left side of rotated the left as it tightened up and shrank.


The rotation of the hips means that there is less of the left leg visible,


and the left leg points outward at a larger angle than the right leg.


The scrotum has moved to the right.


The skin on the left side of the groin is stretched. 


There are some blood vessels on the top of the penis that travel parallel to each other for some distance,


then cross over each other.


The path of those blood vessels is intriguing because the area in between the two blood vessels is still relatively strong and normal compared to the rest of the penis.


It is like the area within the red lines is the core of the penis that is trying to hold it’s original position while the rest of the penis around it moves off to the right. That reasoning is supported by the fact the area within the red lines is closer to the left border of the penis,


or closer to the path the penis should be following, which is the path followed by the centerline of the pubic bone.


All of these clues would indicate that this penis is pointing to the right because masturbation changed the left cylinder of the body.

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